The Most Sophisticated Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Doesn't it feel like some people are effortlessly elegant? They saunter through rooms in super high heels without stumbling, always know the chicest new restaurants with the best wine list, and watch interesting documentaries that they're quick to reference. And they do this all without a pretentious air. If you find yourself feeling jealous of their refined and cultured persona, it may be helpful to know that their horoscope could be behind it. Read on to discover the six most sophisticated signs, according to professional astrologers, from relatively tasteful to incredibly cosmopolitan.

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Scorpio might seem like an unexpected choice for this list, but it's their intriguing behavior that leads to their sense of sophistication. "As a mysterious and sensual water sign, Scorpio draws people in but rarely gives them what they want," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense.

While this behavior can at times be alienating, it's usually what leads people to obsess over Scorpios. "This sign is the commander-in-chief of playing people and being deceptive, yet they manage to do so in such an alluring, magnetizing way," Clare says. Plus, Scorpios will appear quite cultured since they believe know better than everyone around them (and they often do).

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It's no surprise that the kings and queens of the jungle are seen as discerning. After all, they love the limelight and are considered the vainest sign of the zodiac. Because they think so highly of themselves, they're "often the most glamorous and sophisticated people at the party," notes Clare.

But it's really their social, charming nature that gives them this refined appearance. Clare says Leos have a "magnetism that comes from their innate ability to socialize anywhere and with anyone, putting people at ease and making others feel entirely comfortable in their presence."

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Capricorns are known for wanting to get ahead at the office, so they behave in a way that would impress their superiors even when they're not around. Bynes says this hard-working sign "exudes confidence and maturity, and acts in a dignified fashion." So don't expect them to drink too much at the office happy hour or engage in any company gossip.

"Their quiet determinism is admirable and comes across as effortlessly sophisticated," Clare says. Even if they're worried about a big presentation, you'll never know it. "As a guarded earth sign, Capricorns carry themselves with poise and elegance, never making a fuss or causing a scene," Clare explains.

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It's no secret that Taurus loves the finer things in life. They want the highest thread count sheets and the latest designer bag. "Taureans may or may not be the most sophisticated in terms of their personality, but their love for luxurious material items makes up for this," Clare says.

"Ever inexplicably notice when a person walks into a room, say, at a party or social gathering?" asks Susan Bynes, an astrologer at TotallyTheDream. "Odds are, that's a Taurus." She says they're always dressed-to-the-nines, "yet not obnoxious about their sophistication." This casual air of style and grace makes people admire and respect them, as opposed to feeling jealous or turned off.

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Sags are considered the most adventurous zodiac sign and always seem to have a new wild story to tell. "Most of that comes from their affinity for traveling to new places and experiencing cultures, of which they only want to experience the best," Bynes says. It helps that "they tend to choose destinations known for sophisticated cultures and people, in order to meet their needs," she adds.

Their constant traveling leads to a worldliness sure to impress. Want to know the best restaurant in Paris? How about the greatest leather shop in Italy? Maybe you need a recommendation for a resort in the Caribbean? A sophisticated Sag will surely send you an entire list (or even offer to accompany you).

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Graceful Libras lead balanced lifestyles, impressing the more emotional and reckless signs who don't think before they act. "Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libras are dedicated to fairness and equilibrium in life, both in how they carry themselves, and how they treat others," according to Clare. They'll walk into a room with an air of confidence but will still come off approachable.

Moreover, Libra is ruled by the romantic Venus, so they're very in touch with their more sensual side and "know exactly how to use it to their advantage," Clare says. When they enter that room, others might feel an immediate attraction based on their body language and demeanor.