The Romantic Gesture Each Zodiac Sign Will Love Most


Everyone has different love languages, from gift-giving to quality time to physical affection. And these traits are an important part of how one's partner can keep the romance alive in the relationship, whether you've just started dating or have been married for decades. If you're looking for the perfect way to show your significant other that they're still the one this Valentine's Day, why not look to the stars for guidance? We asked Best Life's resident astrologer to share the romantic gesture each zodiac sign will love most. Will they start swooning over a bouquet of red roses or is a sweet picnic the way to their heart? Keep reading to find out.

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Aries: Take them out for a night of dancing.
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An Aries knows how to make their partner feel like the center of their world; so it's no surprise they rank among the most romantic of the signs. They will go to great lengths to find the perfect gift or plan an incredible date, so if you want to impress them in the romance department, you'll have to match their over-the-top energy.

The next time you want to surprise your Aries partner, try taking them out for a night of drinks and dancing. As the zodiac's most passionate sign, they'll appreciate the chance to cozy up in your arms and lose track of time.

Taurus: Snag reservations for that new restaurant.
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Nobody is pickier than a Taurus. They work hard and, therefore, like having ample time to relax and spoil themselves. Self-love is huge for a Taurus, which means their standards for a partner are exceptionally high. But they've probably already bought themselves that new necklace or booked a spa appointment, so you'll want to plan something that takes two to enjoy.

The best way to make your intentions clear to a Taurus is to go the classic route with a nice dinner for two. A delicious meal at the trendiest spot in town is the perfect way to woo these foodies. Plus, it gives you a chance to catch up and focus on only each other.

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Gemini: Plan a date night at the art museum.
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Geminis have a reputation for being quite flirtatious, and it's for good reason: These outgoing, bubbly folks are always looking to meet new people and have a good time. Freedom is important for a Gemini, which is why it can be tricky to get them to put a label on things. The key to stealing their heart is to show them that falling in love doesn't mean limiting yourself.

A romantic date night at your local art museum will prove how easygoing and spontaneous you can be. And with so much culture to soak in, you'll never run out of things to talk about.

Cancer: Pen some handwritten love letters.
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Cancers are the sensitive sweethearts of the zodiac, and they want the classic fairytale romance from start to finish. You can never be too sappy when expressing your undying love for this water sign. But don't worry; they don't expect you to be perfect, they just want to see that you're putting in the effort.

So, what better way to make them feel like the main character in their own romance novel than writing them love letters? Pick a random day of the week to craft a thoughtful note and hand deliver it to them just because you were thinking of them. Trust us when we say, they'll melt right into your arms!

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Leo: Send them a monthly flower delivery.
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Leos are the extroverted flirts of the zodiac who are very forward with their intentions when they start to feel sparks. They'll go out of their way to shower their partner with affection, so they want that same energy in return. The good news is that it's really, really hard to be too corny or sappy when expressing your love for Leo.

Put a modern spin on the old rom-com classic and trade in those dozen red roses for a flower delivery subscription. The Leo in your life will have a fresh bouquet of blooms every month to remind them that they're still your number one.

Virgo: Gift them something they don't need.
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Virgos are very practical in life and painstakingly so in love. It's not that they don't want to be swept off their feet, but it's difficult for them to prioritize the emotional components of a relationship.

So, while it certainly doesn't hurt to give a Virgo the occasional box of chocolates, the best way to show them you care is to get them that one gift they won't buy themselves. Remember, it's not about how fancy or expensive the item is; it's showing that you were paying attention to their interests and letting them know they deserve to be spoiled.

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Libra: Host a dinner party with their friends.
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Libra are true believers in all things romance. The idea of finding that one person to spend forever with is a dream that even this level-headed sign believes in. But as you may suspect, Libras like the idea of love more than actually settling down. They make their partners work hard to prove that their relationship won't get in the way of their strong, independent streak.

To break down these walls, plan a dinner party with all of their friends. Not only does it show you can take initiative and are serious about a future, but it lets them know that their social life can still be part of the relationship.

Scorpio: Plan a late-night stargazing session.
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Don't believe the rumors you've heard about how coldhearted Scorpios can be. The truth is that under that carefully curated façade is someone looking to be swept away by their one true love. And sometimes finding your perfect match can feel like looking for a shooting star in the night sky.

So what better way to express your affection for the Scorpio in your life than with a romantic evening of stargazing? Step away from the chaos of the world, and the two of you will have all the time to sit together and share your secrets under the moonlight.

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Sagittarius: Take a spontaneous trip.
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Sagittarius doesn't like to rush anything in life, and falling in love is no exception. It needs to happen organically and feel like the ultimate adventure. Though they're very open-minded when choosing a partner, their best matches are people who are upbeat, optimistic, and open to new experiences.

If you're looking to show your Sag partner a good time, plan that surprise weekend road trip or romantic island vacation they've been talking about. Relationships are all about creating new memories, so throw caution to the wind and pack your bags!

Capricorn: Schedule a couples massage.
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Capricorns approach dating in a very traditional way. They only date people who they can immediately see a long-term future with. All of this planning makes them very successful in finding the right partner, but it can suck all the joy and fun out of falling in love. They're so used to providing for others, they've forgotten that they're just as deserving of over-the-top romantic gestures.

Nothing will show them how appreciative you are better than a sensual couples massage. You'll be able to share an intimate moment together, and it will help them release some of the tension they've no doubt been carrying around.

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Aquarius: Score tickets to their favorite show.
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Aquarius isn't impressed by bouquets of roses or fancy chocolate. These things come and go, but this intelligent air sign would rather spend quality time with people who have interesting things to say. This guarded sign will often go the friend route at first, but when things turn to something more, you'll already know all their hobbies and interests.

Because Aquarians are so outgoing and curious, the best gifts for them are experiences—like tickets to see their favorite band. They'll be impressed when they see you can sing along to their favorite song, and they'll be won over by the level of thought and care you took in creating the perfect night.

Pisces: Take them out for a picnic.
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Pisces is a shameless romantic who loves every stage of falling in love. They want to stay lost in the honeymoon stage for as long as possible. It might not be the most realistic way to approach dating, but the right partner knows how to keep the fantasy alive.

Since Pisces shows their affection through acts of service, planning a romantic picnic followed by a walk on the beach is the best romantic gesture to impress them. They'll love the time, attention, and detail you put into the date, and the casual vibes will allow you to let the day unfold naturally and see where things take you—which easygoing Pisces will appreciate.