The Most Flirtatious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Some people have the ability to make everything they say sound just a little bit flirtatious, while others are happy to stay in their shells. Of course, everyone has a different personality type, but what if your astrological sign had something to do with it, too? Next time someone starts batting their eyes at you, you'll know if it really means something or if it's just in their nature to come on strong. Keep reading to see which zodiac sign is the most flirtatious, from slightly more inviting to full-on tease.

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Hint astrologer and bestselling author Marion Williamson says that Aquarius can be super flirty without even realizing it. And if you've ever spent time with an Aquarius you know that's true. "Super-friendly Aquarius doesn't realize they're flirting because they just think they're being friendly," she says. "This inquisitive star sign wants to know everything about you, which can feel flattering, but their undivided attention is designed to satisfy their curiosity." So, the next time this social sign reaches out, keep in mind that they might be oblivious to the romantic nature of their questions.

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Sagittarius signs love their freedom and are notorious for pushing the envelope, which means many of them love to shamelessly flirt. "More Captain Caveman than Jane Austen, there's nothing subtle about Sagittarius' approach to flirting," says Williamson. "This extravagant, clumsy star sign takes everything too far." In the wild, this sign tends to stick their foot in their mouth and blurt out exactly what's on their mind but "they'll regret their eagerness when they find themselves on a date with their best pal's dad," she adds. This behavior can often appear off-putting to some of the quieter signs.

Therapist and astrologer Lauren Donelson agrees: "Sagittarians can strike up a flirtation with almost anyone. Their broad knowledge base and love of adventure make them a prime candidate for one of the most flirtatious signs."


Leos love getting loads of attention, which they bask in while flirting with someone—and it doesn't necessarily matter who their target is. "Leo craves love and attention like fire needs oxygen, and flirting makes them feel they're the center of other people's worlds," says Williamson. "Just like their ruling planet the Sun, Leos radiate warmth, creativity, and love. But when nobody is playing with them, their light fades."

Leos need that adoration, but like other signs, it's possible that their flirting doesn't mean much. Donelson adds, "If a Leo senses they might have the opportunity to be admired, chances are they'll turn up the charm."

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Aries is famous for being spontaneous and passionate, which makes them famous flirts. "Passionate, impulsive Aries doesn't know how to hold back when they like someone," says Williamson. Because Aries is ruled by Mars, one of the planets associated with sex drive, this fire sign "feels flirtatious and alive when they get a chance to show off their talents or be in charge," adds Donelson. So, next time you're trying to flirt with an Aries, ask for a quick explainer to really get them going.

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Geminis are known for being social butterflies, which can translate into a certain flirtatiousness with everyone around them. It doesn't necessarily mean they're interested. Instead, they might be looking for a little bit of harmless fun.

According to Williamson, Geminis are all talk. "Even if they don't really fancy someone they'll convince you and all your friends that they do," she says. Their fun, flirtatious nature also comes with a warning, which you could be well acquainted with if you've ever dated this sign. Williamson adds, "Geminis love playing games because they're so clever, and if you've ever been heartbroken by a smooth-talking Gemini you'll know that skill can spill into their love lives."


Libras are notorious teases and are the most flirtatious zodiac sign. If you're friends with a Libra, or looking to start a relationship with one, you've likely noticed how direct they are. That translates to their flirtation style, too.

"Libra is the flirtiest and most charming star sign because they hate confrontation of any kind, and will butter you up to keep the peace," says Williamson. "They usually see the best in everyone, but because they rely on others to give them a sense of their own identity. They bend the truth until they see what they want in people." It's something that can make them a bit manipulative.

At the end of the day, no one loves flirting more than a Libra.

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