The Least Affectionate Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Some people love a hug while others will settle for a handshake. If you've ever tried to cuddle a significant other who wasn't feeling it, or had a friend to tell you they prefer to keep their distance, it might have something to do with astrology. Yes, you read that right: The reason why you're not a hugger could be written in the stars. Read on to discover the six least affectionate zodiac signs, from slightly contact-averse to truly anti-touch.

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Because Virgos are notoriously analytical, they can be too in their head to enjoy affection. Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology says, "While they're busy spreadsheeting the situation or trying to fix it, they can lose track of conveying an emotional understanding or affectionate response." Instead of showing love, they're "more focused on offering solutions to the problem."

Astrologer Maria Hayes explains that Virgos quietly make their feelings known by doing things for the person they have feelings for, even when they don't verbalize it. "Their obvious acts and willingness to sacrifice for those they hold close shows how despite difficulties, they're more than willing to show love in their own ways," she says.

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Although Gemini isn't exactly averse to affection, their way of showing it isn't usually through touch. "For Gemini, affection is equal to horsing around and having fun through jokes, games, and even idle chat," Hayes says. Don't expect them to say sweet words; they would rather deliver gut-punching jokes and witty one-liners that may not seem romantic on the surface. But not to worry: They usually reveal their affection toward someone "in a comedic and subtle manner."

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While most people show affection by kissing, hugging, and being playful, Christopher Renstrom, author of The Cosmic Calendar, says that, "Scorpios show affection by looking you dead in the eye and asking, 'What's wrong?'" Instead of bonding through affection, they "bond through pain," he explains.

Loftis adds that Scorpios can be "quite calculating and tough," which could lead to them seeming insensitive. They can be tough to crack.


Aquarians are often very detached and uncomfortable with demonstrations of affection. "If they want physical affection, it must be on their terms," says Loftis. "They often don't notice others' distress or discomfort and have to work at understanding emotional responses."

Hayes agrees that while Aquarians aren't necessarily affectionate, they show their love in other ways. "It may not seem obvious, but their definition of 'affection' is being supportive of their significant other," she says. "They'll hype their partner up and give them the motivation they need."

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Sagittarius can be generous, but they are most interested in themselves. Astrologer Virginia Castiglione says that the sign is more focused on "having adventures than keeping solid friendships." This attitude can easily transfer over to their romantic relationships because "they have a hard time committing." Thus the thought of being affectionate might not even cross their minds.

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Capricorns are all about work and building wealth. Because of their single focus on the future, "showing affection to those around them isn't a priority," Castiglione says. That doesn't mean they're bad friends or significant others, though. "They're the friend who bails you out of jail without asking any questions but never expresses any affection," she explains.

Loftis concurs that while Capricorns can be "tender," they're formal and practical, which leads to demonstrating "love and affection in ways that might not feel particularly emotional or sweet."

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