30 Best Ways to Have Your Best Skin


You can wash your face and spritz on all the rose water you want, but having your best skin ever goes far beyond a quick daily routine. Your skin is your body's largest organ and that means it requires some extra care, whether that's externally and changing your pillow cases weekly or internally and loading up on phytonutrients. With these 30 tips, you'll glow in a way you never knew was possible. For more on facts about your skin, here are the 20 Things Your Dermatologist Won't Tell You.

Go Natural

Natural beauty is booming right now, and for good reason: Once you get all the toxins and chemicals out of your skincare products, you'll see a major difference in your complexion. Clean out your cabinet and get rid of all the brands that still contain harmful ingredients and replace them with items from companies that only put the best of the best in their products. Also: Going au natural for great skin is one of the 9 Amazing Health Benefits of Saunas.

Become BFFS with Phytonutrients

You might not have heard of phytonutrients yet, but they could become your skin's savior. According to Karin Hermoni, PhD, nutrient complex category manager at Lycored, the substance found in plants can do everything from protect the skin to make it look more flawless.

"Natural phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables can support skin color and radiance and provide the first line of defense against different environmental challenges our skin is coping with," Hermoni says. "They also help us elevate our natural beauty and glow."

To reap the benefits, simply eat the rainbow and you'll get a combination of different natural phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Wear Sunscreen

By now you know the importance of sunscreen, but how often do you actually use it? The crucial cream not only protects you from skin cancer, but also keeps your skin looking great for years to come, helping prevent wrinkles and dark spots. And according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), that means applying it year-round — even on cloudy days. And for more on protecting your skin, check out the 20 Best Ways to Erase Wrinkles.

Drink More Water

Water isn't just how you fuel your body, helping everything run properly — it's also crucial for your skin. The skin alone is made up of 64 percent water, and if you're not staying properly hydrated, it's going to show: It'll be dry, tight, flaky, and more prone to wrinkling, says UW Health. Stick to a minimum of 8 glasses a day and it won't take long before you're glowing. And for more great advice, here are 40 Ways to Guarantee Healthy Skin After 40.

Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

Sugar is horrible for the body, but it's bad for the skin, too. Not only does it cause inflammation that can lead to wrinkles and saggy skin, but dermatologist Nissan Pilest, MD, also said on her blog that it can make make acne and rosacea worse. It's not just table sugar, either: it's also simple carbohydrates that convert to sugar in the body, like pizza, white bread, and white pasta. And for more skincare advice, Here's How Meghan Markle Keeps Her Skin Glowing. 

Get Regular Facials

As pricey as facials can be, they're definitely worth the money when it comes to amping up your skin. While there are plenty of things you can do to take care of your complexion at home, sometimes leaving the work to the pros is the way to go since they can spot any issues you're having and know exactly how to fix them. And for some things you should definitely not do, here are the 20 Beauty Products You Should Never Use.

Invest in Quality Skincare Products

Now don't go raid Sephora and buy everything in the skincare section, but do some research and find a few products you can replace your cheaper, existing ones with. As you get older, your skin is one of the most important things to take care of and spending a little extra on quality items that will do your complexion good is something you'll never regret.

Brew Some Green Tea

Green tea isn't just a much healthier way to get your caffeine fix — it's also a quick way to give your skin a boost. A 2000 review published in JAMA Dermatology found green tea possesses anti-inflammatory properties that are incredibly soothing and can possibly even help with skin disorders.

Stop Staying Up So Late

It's time to push your night owl ways aside. According to dermatologist Melissa Piliang, slacking on your hours of rest can actually contribute to aging — and no one wants to speed up that process.

"You want to avoid the inflammatory bomb caused by insulin," she told the Cleveland Clinic. "Do your best to get six to eight hours of sleep per night. Try getting up early every day and going to bed at the same time every night."

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Yep, even when your skin is oily. And yep, even if you don't think you need it. No matter what your skin type is, it needs to stay moisturized to look it's best. Not just with any product, though: Go for an option that's fragrance-free to make sure your complexion stays hydrated without any unnecessary irritation. And for more ways to look amazing, here's How to Make Your Legs Look Instantly Sexier. 

Switch Up Your Hair Products

If you're constantly breaking out along your hairline, forehead, or cheeks, your hair products might be too blame. Your hair is constantly rubbing on your skin all day, as well as on your pillowcase at night. And if they're too thick or oily, you could end up getting clogged pores because of it. Look for options that are more natural and don't contain fragrance, sulfates, and other irritating additives.

Change Your Pillowcases

Speaking of pillowcases, you have to change those things as often as possible. Since you spend up to eight hours a night rubbing your face and hair on it, just imagine how much dirt and oil it collects over time. To keep your skin looking as vibrant as possible, toss them in the laundry at least once a week, if not more.

Cut Dairy Out of Your Diet

Sorry, cheese lovers! While it might taste good, your skin isn't a huge fan. According to the AAD, studies suggest dairy might go hand in hand with acne due to the hormones and growth factors in milk. When they enter your body, they can wreak havoc on your own hormones, causing your skin to freak out and result in pimples, as well as exacerbating other skin conditions. Cut it out for a couple weeks and see if you notice a difference.

Control Your Stress Levels

Getting rid of stress is easier said than done, but if you let it take control, it can really harm your body — skin, included. One 2003 study published in JAMA Dermatology found the participants' acne got much worse when they were stressed out, and that's all the more reason to find something you love doing to relax your nerves, whether it's reading a book or meditating for 10 minutes. You'll help prevent breakouts and get some much-needed relief in the process.

Stop Touching Your Face All the Time

It's not uncommon to touch your face throughout the day — whether you're bored at your desk or are sitting in traffic — even if you don't notice you're doing it. The one thing you don't probably think about, though, is how many germs and bacteria you're unleashing into your pores. Once you quit the habit, you might notice your face starts to clear up.

Hang Out in the Shade

When you were younger, you probably spent plenty of time lying out in the sun trying to get a nice tan. When it comes to having great skin, though, you're going to want to start seeking shade whenever possible instead. According to the Mayo Clinic, the sun's rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so stay covered up, whether that's by wearing a hat or picnicking under a tree.

Protect Your Skin from the Cold

Once winter rolls around, people tend to forget just how harsh the cold temperatures are on their skin. It might not feel like it's doing any damage as you're running errands in the snow, but frostbite can easily show up on anywhere from your fingers and toes to ears, nose, and cheeks, says the Mayo Clinic. Just like you're protecting your skin in the summer, keep it safe in the winter too by bundling up, even when you don't think you need to.

Take Supplements

If you're looking for an easy way to give your skin a boost, look to supplements. There are plenty of different combinations available that are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will leave you with your glowiest skin yet. Some even come in powder-form that you can simply add into your morning coffee or smoothie.

Shave More Gently

Shaving isn't something people tend to spend long periods of time on. As nice as that would be, most days involve grabbing the razor, wetting it down, and quickly running it over your armpits and any other areas that need a quick clean-up. Not surprisingly, that's not the best method for your skin, though. Instead take the time to use shaving gel and a sharp razor to keep your skin looking as healthy as possible.

Try Out the Double-Mask Trend

Why go with just one mask when you can reap the benefits of two? That's exactly what Chris Pratt's hair-stylist-slash-skincare-expert Bridget Brager had him do to take his complexion to the next level. In a video he posted on Instagram, he showed off the look as she worked a clear mask into his skin with under-eye patches beneath, helping get rid of any blemishes and puffiness at the same time.

Visit Your Derm Regularly

Just like scheduling regular appoints with all of your other doctors, seeing the derm is crucial, too. Not only can they check for any weird moles or marks on your skin, but they can also guide you in the right direction when it comes to taking care of your particular skin type the best way possible to make sure it always looks its best.

Invest in a Facial Roller

Even though facial rollers might seem a little woo-woo, they do wonders for your skin. Celebrities swear by jade rollers in particular — made with actual jade stone — that can help with everything from improving blood circulation and skin elasticity to reducing under-eye circles and wrinkles. Plus, they're super fun and relaxing to use.

Go Makeup Free as Often as You Can

As easy as it is to get into the habit of doing your makeup every morning, it's always good to give your skin a breather on occasion. Whether it's just the weekends of taking everything off right when you get home after work instead of leaving it in place until bedtime, you'll notice a nice glow when you give your face some air.

Exfoliate on the Regular

You don't need to exfoliate often, but it does a lot of good for your skin when you do. According to the AAD, all you need to get rid of the dead skin cells all over your body is a washcloth and a gentle scrub. For super-soft skin, get in the shower and work the product in using small circular motions for around 30 seconds, then rinse with warm water. Just make sure to moisturize afterward since the process can be pretty drying.

Use Facial Oils

Putting oil on your face seems like a major no-no, right? Crazy enough, even oily skin types can benefit from them. Applying and massaging in a few drops a day can help with dryness, acne, and any other skin issues you're dealing with. Just make sure you go for a product that's as natural as possible.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If you can't remember the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes, that needs to change: As you use them, they quickly build up dirt, grime, and oil that can lead to breakouts. After every few uses, give them a nice cleanse using your regular facewash and lay them out to dry so they're ready for their next use.

Be Gentle

Let's be honest — it's easy to take your skin for granted. Over the years, you've had plenty of cuts and bruises, but now it's time to be way more gentle with your body's largest organ. Don't tug at your skin when you're removing makeup, stop using harsh and drying products, and stop popping your pimples. When you handle your skin with care, it shows.

Don't Spend Too Much Time in the Bath

Alright, this one might be a killer, but there's an important reason to not overdo it with your love of relaxing baths. As nice as they are, the Mayo Clinic says the hot water strips your body of natural oil, which can take a toll on your skin over time. To avoid dryness and other skin issues, keep them to a minimum and stick with warm water when you do.

Get Some Houseplants

As weird as it may seem to get houseplants for better skin, it can actually do your complexion a favor. Having greenery in your home is a great way to improve air quality, and when the air is clean, pollutants can't affect your skin as much. Add some known air purifiers like spider plants, aloe vera, and fiddle leaf figs into your life and you'll breathe easier and see a difference in the mirror.

Stop Smoking Once and For All

There are plenty of reasons other than your skin health to give cigarettes the boot—like an increased risk of lung cancer—but all those packs also wreak havoc on your complexion.

"Smoking makes the little blood vessels in skin constrict," Piliang told the Cleveland Clinic. "Over time, the collagen and elastic fibers are damaged, and your skin gets more wrinkled." For more on why you should probably quit sooner rather than later, This Is What One Cigarette a Day Does to Your Body.

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