15 Hats That Will Make Any Outfit Look Polished


Nothing makes getting dressed quite as fun as topping things off with a stylish hat. After all, there are so many options—Berets! Beanies! Floppy straw hats! How could we resist?! But when it comes down to actually finding a hat that's as wearable as it is stylish, things can get tricky. That's where we come in.

From berets to fedoras and everything in between, we've rounded up a list of shoppable hats that you can style for any season or occasion. And to know which hats to definitely avoid, check out the 15 Hats So Ugly They're Crimes Against Fashion.

The Heather Grey Wool Beret

$15; buy now on modcloth.com

There's nothing more classic than a wool beret. This heather grey option from Modcloth is perfect for heading to the office or strolling around town and can be easily dressed up or down. Go for a Parisian vibe with a mustard sweater and plaid pants, or keep it sleek and simple with a little black dress and flats. Make sure to wear it on a bit of a tilt for that perfect cool-girl style. You'll also want to check out the 40 Amazing Accessories that Will Keep You Warm All Winter.

The Wool Cloche with a Bow Accent

$24; buy now on amazon.com

Usually trimmed with bows, ribbons, lace, or beads, the cloche hat was invented in 1908 and became wildly popular during the roaring '20s. Flappers loved these hats for their versatility and the flattering way they frame the face, especially when the wearer has a shorter haircut. Pair this cloche from Bellady with a wool coat for your morning commute, or a sweater and riding boots for a pulled-together fall or winter look.

The Black Statement Hat

$30; buy now on modcloth.com

This wide-brim hat from Modcloth has a bold bow for a fun feminine touch. The hat's simplicity, quality, and solid color make it perfect to pair with a floral dress, colorful stripes, or bold patterns. Don't be afraid to get creative! And no need for many other accessories—this hat really does speak for itself. Before you go too wild at the store, learn the 40 Worst Accessories for Women Over 40.

The Vinyl Flat Cap

$35; buy now on topshop.com

Flat caps have working-class roots and are often associated with punk subcultures and nightlife. But that doesn't mean it takes a special person to pull one off. This edgy, vinyl flat cap from Topshop has a bold sheen and a slick shine. Wear it with a leather jacket, a bold oversized blazer, or a crop top and jean jacket to take full advantage of the flat cap's natural attitude.

The Houndstooth Baker Boy Hat

$30; buy now on topshop.com

Also called a fisherman hat, a poor boy hat, or a newsboy hat, the baker boy hat has been having a bit of a moment thanks to supermodel Bella Hadid. Originally worn by men, baker boy hats like this houndstooth piece from Topshop are now popular among women. The hat's jaunty style and bold pattern make it the perfect pop of fun to an otherwise simple outfit, such as a vest and a T-shirt, an oversized blouse, or even a pair of overalls.

The Wool Fedora

$52; buy now on nordstrom.com

The fedora might be associated with men now, but it actually began as a hat for women in the late 19th century. (It was even popular among women's rights activists and suffragettes.) This "Wesley" wool fedora from Nordstrom—available in beige, light tan, or black—is the perfect accessory to complement any late summer or fall outfit. Wear it with jeans and a chunky sweater for a great autumnal look.

The Wide-Brim Panama Hat

$16; buy now on amazon.com

Spring and summer hats like this wide-brim Panama hat, made from woven straw and topped off with a thick black band, should always be breathable and lightweight. But they should also have a bit character. Unlike the typical floppy straw hats you might see at the beach, this Lanzom hat is sturdier and more appropriate for day looks that don't involve a bikini. Pair it with a tank top and shorts or a sundress and wedges for the perfect spring or summer look. This hat is also perfectly foldable and packable for a quick romantic getaway or beach vacation.

The Leather Beret

$15; buy now on topshop.com

This leather beret from Topshop is an edgier take on the millinery classic. You can wear it on a tilt as usual for a beret, or pull it over the top of your head like a more typical hat. Reminiscent of the punk and classic rock scenes, this hat is versatile enough to wear on a stylish day out or a sassy look for date night, clubbing, or a concert. Pair the beret with a loose blouse, chunky jewelry, and plenty of denim for the ultimate '80s look.

The Braided Sun Hat

$15; buy now on amazon.com

If you need a sun hat for a cruise or beach vacation but don't want to go for something boring and beige, this cotton sun hat from NYFASHION101 can lend some color and class to your warm-weather look. The sun hat is vented and lightweight enough to keep you cool on a hot day, while its braided, lacey look gives it an air of elegance. Wear it with a sundress and strappy sandals for a stroll along the sand, or to an outdoor concert or wine tasting.

The Floppy Straw Hat

$15; buy now on amazon.com

Looking for a great, versatile summer hat? Try this floppy wide-brim straw hat from Lanzom. Designed to roll up perfectly in a suitcase or beach bag, this classic hat can top off a summer dress and sandals or a bikini and cover-up.

The Faux-Fur Cuff Cloche

$35; buy now on macys.com

If you're a fan of cloche hats but also need something warm for winter, this faux-fur cuff cloche from Macy's is the perfect solution. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and could be paired with a range of outfits. Choose one that matches your prettiest winter coat and you'll be able to wear it every day.

The Pom-Pom Beanie

$14; buy now on amazon.com

Slouchy, oversized beanies aren't always the chicest options available, but when winter strikes, you've got to be ready. Mirmaru's fleece-lined hat is sure to keep you and your ears warm during whatever harsh weather you might face. And the pom-pom detail will ensure you stay stylish while doing it.

The Flower-Applique Felt Cloche

$40; buy now on macys.com

This flower-applique wool felt cloche from Nine West is available in heather grey, deep red, and black. A large floral design complements the traditional face-framing cloche for a striking overall look. Both practical and stylish, this hat's cut will shield your face from the cold and make an impression on everyone you meet. Perfect for fall or winter ensembles, the classic and elegant design pairs well with leather gloves, stockings, and a peacoat for a day of cold-weather shopping or urban exploring.

The Fiddler Cap

$42; buy now on nordstrom.com

Fiddler caps were originally designed for working-class folks in 18th-century London, and later became popularized by 1960s musicians, poets, and beatniks. True to their history, they still bear a quirky, nontraditional charm, and can snazz up an otherwise simple outfit. This cotton black fiddler cap from Nordstrom has a herringbone texture and a thin rope trim. Pair it with a long bohemian dress or a sleek black blouse and tailored pants for an edgy look.

The Vintage Fascinator

$37; buy now on amazon.com

If you're going for a retro look, this fascinator from FADVES is the perfect accessory for a vintage ensemble or an elegant evening outfit. Ideal for special events, cocktail parties, or anything with a bit of British flair, this fascinator can pull together any outfit for a polished, striking look. Pair it with a silk blouse, a pencil skirt, and a string of pearls for the ultimate statement. And for more great pieces to complete your outfit, check out 15 Killer Style Accessories You Never Knew You Needed.

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