This Was the Cake Boss' Most Epic Cake Fail


Buddy Valastro, who you likely know as the Cake Boss, has crafted hundreds of unique cakes over the years. In addition to his hit TLC show and his world-famous bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, Valastro also has a YouTube channel, Cakehouse, where he looks back on some of his most magnificent culinary creations. During one episode, Valastro's cousin asked him which cake was his favorite and he answered immediately. But oddly enough, the Cake Boss' favorite cake to make was also his biggest fail: his spin art cake. To see why it went so wrong, read on, and to learn about his recent injury, check out Cake Boss Star Reveals He May Never Bake Again After Accident.

"It's going to sound weird, but my favorite cake was kind of a fail: when we did the spin art thing," Valastro said in Jan. 2019. "Cake flew off and went all over the place. I had so much fun doing it even though it was a fail."

Valastro made the spin art cake back in Sept. 2018. Before he began working on it, he predicted the process was "going to go one of two ways: It's either going to be really, really good, and I'm a genius, or it's going to go really, really bad, and I'm going to have food coloring all over me."

The latter proved to be correct.

During the first few minutes of the experiment, the cake looked promising, but once Valastro sped up the table, the cake spun too quickly, and chunks flew off and hit him.

Cakehouse YouTube

However, Valastro's second attempt was more successful. You can tell the Cake Boss was proud of his efforts as he compared his final product to a Jackson Pollock painting and referred to it as "edible art," declaring it should be in the Museum of Modern Art.

Of course, asking Valastro to pick his all-time favorite cake is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. But he can name the top 10. Read on to see the Cake Boss' favorite cakes he's ever done.

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