The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be Fired, According to an Astrologer


For certain personalities, the workplace can be a tough place to be. Perhaps you feel more friction at work than your friends seem to have in their day-to-day professional lives, or you can't seem to get along with your boss or coworkers. If you fear you might lose your job because of an inevitable blowup caused by any of the aforementioned scenarios, the stars might be able to help. It's true: Certain zodiac signs exhibit tendencies that can make it more challenging for them to go with the workplace flow. Read on to find out which six signs are most likely to be shown the door, from flirting with being fired to on the chopping block.

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Thoughtful and hard-working, Pisces are some of the easiest co-workers to get along with, according to celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash. This sign is likely to be a highly loyal employee. "The only trouble comes when they feel taken advantage of," Ash says. "Pisces will quickly check out mentally and swim on to brighter shores." Look out for those signs.



Leos are known to be creative and inspiring, naturally gravitating towards the spotlight. "This makes them well suited for navigating corporate politics," Ash says. "But as a fixed sign, Leo can make enemies quickly if they're not willing to be flexible with their creative vision." In fact, they might find themselves in hot water at the workplace if they refuse to be a team player.

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While Geminis are "friendly and chatty," they are also "one of the sharpest tongues in the zodiac," Ash says. It's what makes them great at climbing the corporate ladder and dealing with social politics. "But their gift of gab can get them in sticky situations with their boss if they're not careful," she warns.


Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, which can complicate things in the workplace. "Meticulous and hard-working Taurus makes an ideal employee so long as they feel recognized for their accomplishments," she says. "But the moment their competency is questioned or they feel as though they're not being paid fairly for their work, don't expect words to lift a finger beyond the bare minimum of their job description."

It's important to note that they likely won't leave before being shown the door. "They'd rather job hunt on company time and secure their new bag before calling it quits," Ash says.

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Because Aquarians are more rebellious and are looking for ways to improve "community, humanity, and friendship," they can be wild cards.

"They are always looking to deconstruct systems that don't benefit as many people as possible," Ash says of the sign. "While this makes them incredibly popular with their fellow employees, it's certain to make insecure leaders feel threatened." That means that Aquarians have no problem calling out ineffective leadership, bad coworkers, or unfair pay.

She adds, "Aquarius placements thrive in work environments where they are allowed to use their unconventional wisdom to benefit the greater good."


Because they're such spitfires, Aries are most likely to lose their jobs. "Bold, fiery, and brimming with take-charge energy, Aries have no problem speaking their mind in the workplace," she says. "Their creative and inspirational visions make them natural leaders with all the confidence to match."

And that's a good thing—but it has its drawbacks, too. "The impatient nature of Aries can cause them to speak out of turn or rush ahead into situations without thinking of the consequences," Ash adds. Truthfully, this sign is not afraid to ruffle a feather or two while climbing its way up the food chain. Should this sign be sent packing, Ash says you shouldn't feel too bad for them: "Aries placements are resilient and likely to take being fired as a challenge to succeed."

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