The Whiniest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


There are plenty of people who are prone to complaining, but when you add in incessant moaning and crying like a baby, it can be downright unbearable. To understand why some folks will carry on about everything from the temperature of the room to their dinner not tasting right to having to work late just this once, we consulted astrologers. Turns out, this irritable behavior could have to do with their horoscope. Read on to discover the six whiniest zodiac signs, from moderate moaners to chronic complainers.

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Sagittarians don't see themselves as disagreeable but rather as exciting adventurers—however, both can be true. Once a Sag feels comfortable and stops trying to impress you, they'll let their true self show. "When Sagittarians let it all hang out, they do it with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm as when they party hard," says psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "They whine with the fervor and focus normally reserved for transformational spiritual experiences."

But they don't get stuck in a disheartening mood for long. "The second they're done voicing their dissatisfaction they get back to their normal cheerful demeanors without a second thought," Honigman adds.


Aquarians are often stuck in their own head. But that doesn't mean they won't come out of it to protest—literally and figuratively. They'll be the first person at an actual protest standing outside with a handmade sign, and they won't hold back when convincing someone of their moral stance.

"They won't stand for discrimination of any sort and will selflessly take the shirt off their own backs to cover yours," explains Honigman. But if you openly disagree with an Aquarius' view on something, they'll immediately start whining and won't stop until they've got you on their side.

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These balanced folks are known for being extremely put together, and to keep up that appearance, they're considered the most passive-aggressive zodiac sign. "They whine as a way to communicate distress," Honigman states.

Since Libras don't like upsetting the equilibrium of things, "they won't shout at you, they won't force you to do anything, they won't criticize you," according to Honigman. But this doesn't mean they don't have their feelings, so whining is their way of "avoiding any of those more harmful behaviors." Luckily, once the annoyance is over, they won't bring it up again.

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While Tauruses might appear indestructible, they're more vulnerable than you imagine, and it's the little things that set them off. "A Taurus, just like the other earth signs Capricorn and Virgo, will make things happen for themselves and remain resilient and stoic, but then, when everything is finalized, they want to have a treat," explains Honigman. "And if their favorite takeout restaurant is closed, or their phone's battery has run out, or the air conditioning system malfunctions, then you'll hear them whine."

Taurus won't verbally whine as much as other signs, but "their dissatisfaction [will be] written across their face," says Ansley Echols, an astrologer at Purpose Vibes. "They can make the day miserable for those who force them to stay in inadequate circumstances."

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Pisces are well known for picking up the energy of those around them. So if they're spending time with someone whining, they'll chime right in.

Their sensitive nature also means they have a hard time letting go of what a friend or family member is going through. "Pisces feel their emotions more readily than any other sign," says Echols. "Because of their open emotionality, they have a 'my pain is the greatest pain in the universe' mentality." Therefore, when they're upset, it's likely to "end in 'woe to me' tears," Echols adds.

This water sign might be able to relate to others, but they're not able to step away and see that they don't have to sound off about everything they're going through.

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This emotional water sign is "extremely empathetic and in tune with all the vibrations around them," according to Echols. But this constant empathy can be exhausting, especially when people aren't there for them in return. "They are always feeling an emotion, and it's not until they become more evolved that they're able to identify what emotions are theirs and which belong to others," Echols says.

It doesn't help that Cancers are one of the moodiest signs, so sometimes they don't even know what they're going on about. "When you add to this that the moon rules Cancer, their moods can change swiftly and dramatically, which is how they've earned the title of the 'cry babies of the zodiac,'" Echols explains.

Cancers also have a hard time being assertive. Instead of confronting someone, they'll quietly grumble behind that person's back about what they did. Ultimately, they don't mean to whine, they simply have no other way to express how they're feeling.