The No. 1 New Year's Resolution You Should Make, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


It's almost 2023, which means millions of people will be making new year's resolutions for a better and brighter year very soon. From exercising more regularly to changing up your style or giving back more to your community, the options for betterment are truly endless. If you're having trouble figuring out what changes to make to improve your life, why not let the stars decide? Read on to see what new year's resolutions astrologers think you should make, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Be more social.
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While Aries signs are social beings at their core, they also have a tendency to want to get away from the crowds to make more time for themselves. Spending too much time alone however, can cause this sign to become lonely. So in 2023, it's time for the Aries to put themselves out of their comfort zone and socialize more than every once in a while.

"Aries is infamous for its tendency to be a lone wolf. While it's well and good to be independent, this year, things should change," says Karen Comen, an astrologer at Zodiacsign. "Learning to be a team player will ultimately bring out the best in the self-proclaimed leader of the zodiac family."

Taurus: Get physical.
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Tauruses love relaxing and kicking back with their loved ones all year round. However, making time for light exercise will keep your heart happy and healthy in the new year. For 2023,  this earth  sign will want to focus more on finding fun fitness activities to do in their spare time.

Lorena Thomas, an astrologer at says that if you've been neglecting your physical health, you should dedicate yourself to getting stronger and being more active in the new year.

"Being physically strong means improving your mental strength as well," she says. "The 2023 year is begging you to exercise regularly, go for walks, and be more physically active."

Gemini: Find your inner child.
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"Gemini has a dual personality, and the child within them is still alive," says Emily Newman, astrologer and spiritual healer. After an intense 2022, this is the time to tap into that youthful spirit and really let go.  

Thomas suggests asking yourself: What are the things you used to enjoy doing as a kid? What are the things you wanted when you were little but never had a chance to get? Tapping into these childhood memories can also help heal any old wounds you've been carrying with you.

She suggests having some fun with pillow fights, indoor camping, playing the video games you used to play, visiting toy stores, or doing other kid-related activities. "By reminding yourself of your childhood and things you used to enjoy as a kid, you'll get in touch with your inner child," she says. "Use every opportunity to tap into your inner child's spirit."

Cancer: Let go of the past.
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Cancers are known for being nostalgic and can spend too much time thinking about their past and what they would have done differently, but it may be time to start letting go.

"It's high time you let go of your past painful experiences and heal your past wounds," says Thomas. In 2023, this water sign should try and learn how to focus on being more mindful. It's the year to forgive yourself and to focus on the present moment. "Dwelling in the past is not beneficial to you or the people around you," says Thomas.

Leo: Volunteer more.
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Leo's love being in the spotlight, and are the true stars of all the zodiac signs. However, in 2023, it's time for Leo's to put your people skills to good use and in turn, become a little less vain.

"We all know that Leo enjoys being the center of attention, and they are highly charismatic personas. Therefore, Leo's New Year's resolution should be volunteering," says Thomas.

By allowing your personality to shine through, you can focus on growth and contributing to your community. "With your charismatic personality and determination, this won't be such a difficult task, " adds Thomas.

Virgo: Practice mindfulness.
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Virgos are practical, organized, and thoughtful, but with all that planning ahead this earth may find it hard to truly live in the moment. This is why Thomas thinks Virgo's New Year's resolution should be to learn how to practice mindfulness.

As a Virgo, you always have somewhere to be and something to do, but slowing down and allowing yourself to relax and appreciate the moment will enrich your life in more ways than one. "Press the pause button from time to time, focus on your breathing, and stop overthinking," says Thomas. "This will be one of the hardest things you'll ever do, but it will be one of the most beneficial for you."

Libra: Say "no" more often.
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Libras have a tendency to be carry the weight of other people's problems on their shoulders, but this year this charitable and kind sign should try to start putting themselves first. This could mean saying no to an invitation when you haven't had any time for yourself or no when someone asks you to do something and you already have too much on your plate.

"Librans are the voice of justice and will make sure everything is balanced to the brim," says Comen. "More often than not, it means carrying the burden of everyone else's happiness. This year, you should learn to tip the scales in your favor. It's okay to be a little selfish in life."

Scorpio: Let your guard down.
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Scorpios can be a little closed off at times and have a hard time trusting people. But in the new year, it's time for this guarded sign to open themselves up to more people—and possibly more love.

"Scorpios and their ever-dying need to keep up an elusive guard is an admirable quality, but it can exhaust even the strongest people," says Comen. "Life's beauty is beheld in opening up and letting wondrous unpredictability guide us through different experiences."

While this won't necessarily be easy for Scorpios, it's important they get out of their comfort zones in 2023.

Sagittarius: Get healthier.
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In 2023, this fire sign should prioritize their health. While it's easy to let both your mental and physical health slide when you are living the adventurous life of a Sagittarius, the effects of stress and not eating nutritious foods might leave this sign unable to truly explore the world as they want to.

"Giving your health a boost should be your priority because everything stems from that," says Thomas. "Without health, you've got nothing. Implementing a holistic lifestyle, regular exercising, and meditation is a must. Learn to take care of your well-being because you owe it to yourself and your loved ones."

Capricorn: Celebrate your wins.
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Capricorns can be hard on themselves, and even be a little insecure. In 2023, Capricorns deserve more. This is the year that Capricorns should focus on the little things and little wins—no matter how small.

Thomas suggests that by doing this you will ultimately boost your self-confidence and self-worth. "Being grateful and celebrating your accomplishments is also a part of your success," she says. "In 2023, learn to celebrate yourself because if you don't, nobody else will."

Aquarius: Spend more time alone.
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In 2023, it's time for Aquarians to stop people pleasing all the time. It's understandable to want to go to every event you're invited to, but it's also important to take some time for yourself. It's essential for this sign to say "no" every once in a while.

"You should learn to spend time alone and press the pause button. Learn that it's okay not to accept every invitation when it comes to socializing," says Thomas.

Aquarians need to have more self-worth in 2023. Thomas recommends that "instead of trying hard to seek validation from others, focus on doing what's best for you, even if it means not doing anything."

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Pisces: Find your style.
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Feeling stuck in a fashion rut is something everyone experiences, but this water sign desperately needs a change. Pisces, it's your turn to experiment with fashion and find items that you feel amazing in. Let 2023 be the year of feeling confident and beautiful (inside and out).

"This is your year when it comes to finding your new voice and reinventing your style," says Thomas. "It's time to update your wardrobe and your appearance and work on expressing yourself in more ways than just one. Reinventing your style means reinventing yourself. Feel free to show the world who you really are."