The Most Two-Faced Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Two-faced people are difficult to spot. When you're out together, they're complimentary and kind. They can't get enough of your hair, they adore the presentation you made at the office, and they think you should get coffee together this weekend. But then, when you chat with another friend, you learn they've been spewing critiques every time you turn your back. Think these people are impossible to spot? Think again. According to astrologers, you can identify them easily based on their horoscope signs. Here, a panel of astrology experts tells us the most two-faced members of the zodiac, from the slightly sneaky to the deviously dual-minded.

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This sign isn't two-faced in a mischievous way. Instead, they simply want to lift everyone's spirits, even if that involves a white lie or two.

"Sagittarius people don't want to get into a tense situation," says Joanne Lara, an astrologer, reiki practitioner, and founder of Sacred Joanne. "They are people-pleasers at heart, so they like light and funny things. They often give compliments to make people soften, even if they don't mean them." While this sign likely isn't talking about you behind your back, they might not actually like your boots.

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Pisces people are known for being so empathetic they border on psychic. So it should come as no surprise that they'll also tell a white lie to buoy your feelings.

"This sign just wants everyone to be happy, and if that means they have to lie, they absolutely will," says Lara. "They know when they aren't being honest and straightforward, but if it keeps the peace, Pisces doesn't mind." Again, there's no ill will at play here—they just always want you to feel your best. It's kind of sweet if you ask us!

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Represented by the Crab, this sign is notoriously private. And it turns out, they keep their true thoughts, feelings, and opinions mum, too. "Cancer's symbol is two circles facing opposite directions, so they tend to outwardly show the opposite of what they inwardly feel," says Ansley Echols, founder of Purpose Vibes Astrology Readings. "Being ruled by the moon, their thoughts are also guided by their emotions. Once they open up, they may have said something when they were feeling one way, but now that they feel differently, they think differently too.

To their credit, Cancer people likely won't talk badly about you to others; instead, they'll keep their unkind thoughts to themselves—and maybe even stew over them a little more than is healthy.

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The town gossip is likely a Libra. "Libras can't keep secrets to themselves because they can't keep their mouths shut," says Lara. "If you tell a Libra a juicy secret, they can't wait to tell someone else about it."

Interestingly, they are genuinely remorseful. "Libras will feel bad that they broke your trust and say they'll do better next time, but that doesn't mean they'll be able to keep a secret next time," she notes. For some reason, they just can't control it. Rank them high on your list of two-faced friends.


This sign has a reputation for being sneaky, and some of the sneakiness veers into being two-faced. "Scorpios are ambitious people who would go to any length to achieve their goals," says Emily Newman, psychic reader, astrologer, and founder of Best of Psychic Reader. "They might seem your most amazing friend before manipulating you to achieve their objectives. They are two-faced because they do not reveal their true intentions."

You could be months or even years into a friendship with a Scorpio before realizing you weren't as tight with them as you thought. Or worse, that they were playing you the entire time.

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Who else could be the most two-faced sign of the zodiac if not Gemini, the sign of the Twins? This sign is two-faced, but they truly can't help it: They're quite literally of two minds. "They'll say or do something one minute and then do the exact opposite the next; they tell the truth in the moment, but as moments change so does the truth," says Echols. "Being ruled by Mercury, they are of quick mind, which means their thoughts are constantly racing, growing, and changing."

Each time you see them, they'll have a seemingly different opinion on a topic. Fortunately, it's not malicious. Often, "it's like one twin makes a promise and the other was never informed," Echols adds. Trust us, they're just as confused as you are.