The Most Serious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Everyone knows someone who can take things a little too seriously at times. Certain people struggle to let loose or just have a more buttoned-up attitude. They are a little more reserved and aren't always amused by the silly aspects of life. Seriousness and perfectionism can also go hand in hand: Perhaps this person is just more concerned about achieving their goals and making plans for their future than having a laugh. Or perhaps, it is written in the stars. Here, astrologers share the most serious signs of the zodiac, from subtly stern to extra earnest.

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Cancers are serious people, yet they don't come across as unapproachable or cold. They are a warm and an incredibly loyal sign, that Sofia Celestino, an astrologist at Destiny Awakens, describes as "nurturing, emotional, and very intuitive." Their seriousness stems from the ways they connect with others, as well as the way that they understand emotions. It requires a lot of empathy—no one will take your feelings more seriously than a Cancer.


People under this fire sign have big personalities and strong opinions. "Aries is a sign that's known for being headstrong and impulsive," says Celestino. They have a tendency to put their all into everything, no matter how big or small. Aries is serious when it comes to their passion and determination to get what they want out of life. It'll be difficult to throw an Aries off course once they're committed to something.

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Virgos are often perfectionists and can take on more than they should without even realizing it—whether at work or at home. They are constantly looking to improve themselves, especially when it comes to their health. This earth sign is very serious about respecting their body and maintaining healthy habits. "Virgo strives for perfection and craves self-mastery," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology. "If anything gets in the way of their personal development, they will be bullish about overcoming that obstacle." This serious dedication makes it hard for them to relax, but they should really take a break every now and then!


People born under the sign of Taurus are not only incredibly serious, they're also some of the most stubborn. They are practical and steadfast in their stubbornness, which can come across as being serious. According to Emily Newman, astrologer and founder at Best of Psychic Reader, this sign can joke and have a good time, but when it's given back to them, they become easily offended. "They're explosive, so they become enraged when someone crosses the line," Newman says. Tauruses are also quite serious about making money, as well as celebrating their work successes.

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Capricorns are considerably more serious than others and tend to put themselves under a lot of pressure to finish an assignment, achieve goals, or plan ahead for future events. Newman says that this sign "dislikes it when someone attempts to disturb them if they're engrossed in something." They are all about ambition and finding success, and often isolate themselves when working—so it's best to steer clear of this earth sign when they're in the zone.


Clinching the most serious spot is none other than Scorpio. These water signs often have their walls up and try not to let their emotions get the best of them. "Scorpio desires power and control, and they're serious about obtaining that in virtually every situation," Marquardt shares. They will hold a grudge if you cross them, yet if they like you, they'll have no problem defending and protecting you. Marquardt adds, they're "one of the most loyal and persevering signs, resilient in all ways." They focus on everything with a deep seriousness and aren't as fazed by the trivial aspects of life, so you shouldn't mess with Scorpios when it comes to their wants and needs.

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