The Most Confident Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they're always so confident? They never seem to second guess themselves or have awkward moments. Instead, they're always self-assured and independent, whether they're giving a presentation at the office or on a first date. This quality can be quite attractive—what is more alluring than someone who knows who they are? If you've wondered why some folks are so self-confident, astrology might have your answers. Read on to find out the six most confident Zodiac signs, from pretty and poised to a little bit arrogant.

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Sagittarius always seem to know what they want. Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology says it's because they're "usually up for anything at least once." Don't expect them to say no to new experiences or second guess themselves. "Their willingness to try new things both give them a strong boost of confidence," Loftis says. Sagittarius are often lucky, so they're unafraid to experiment. Loftis believes they're assured because "confidence and luck are a great combination."

Astrologer Tara Bennet describes Sagittarius as "social butterflies and thrill seekers," who are confident no matter what the situation is. Bennet says these born entertainers "are comfortable holding court and entertaining anytime, anywhere."


Virgos appear quite confident before you get to know them. They're extremely sure of themselves but internally analytical. Loftis says they're so self-assured because they believe "their way is the right way to do pretty much everything." If you've ever fought with a Virgo family member or love interest, don't expect to change their mind. Loftis says this conviction stems from "attention to detail." It helps that they "always have a plan, which gives them the confidence to set bold goals and go after them." These confident, analytical thinkers move ahead swiftly.

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Capricorns always seem poised and powerful. They're beautifully dressed, get the job done at work, and take life seriously. This intense approach leads to a quiet confidence. Loftis agrees: "Their confidence might be somewhat understated and not flashy, but they have the self-discipline, drive and skills to get whatever they want." Loftis calls this ambitious and determined sign "surprisingly nimble, strong and savvy."

Bennet classifies Capricorns as "full of confidence," and "quick to justify themselves" in their quest for success.


Scorpios are a little bit mysterious, which leads to their intimidating factor. Loftis calls this sign "deeply intuitive and lacking fear," which gives them "a strong sense of security in their own ability to get what they want and do as they please." Still, they're not conceited, says Loftis. "They have an honest understanding of their strengths. This superpower gives them a quiet confidence in their abilities."

Bennet says Scorpios "have a built in sense of their value and abilities," which leads to their ambitious behavior. She calls them "stubborn to a fault" and explains they "never accept any form of criticism, constructive or otherwise." Because they don't listen to what other people think, they seem endlessly unfazed.

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Aries are cool and level headed at all times. Loftis describes this attention-seeking sign as eternally "confident they can power through and make things happen through their strength of will." Energetic Aries might not plan ahead but they won't ever look back or have regrets.


These kings and queens of the jungle are almost always a little arrogant. Loftis describes Leos as " an interesting mix of bravado and uncertainty." While they look confident on the outside, they're not necessarily as comfortable as they appear. Loftis says, "Underneath it all, there can be a sliver of self-doubt." But if these limelight lovers conquer their fears, they'll be unstoppable.

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