The Most Antisocial Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Though introverts prefer their alone time, it doesn't mean they can't be comfortable socializing or even crave that human interaction at times. But some people take things a little further, RSVPing no to every single party, staying away from water cooler talk at the office, or even avoiding meeting your eye on the sidewalk. They simply don't want to be around other people and would prefer to be left unattended. If you've ever wondered why someone is this way, astrology could offer a welcome answer. Read on to discover the most antisocial zodiac signs, from quiet introverts to misanthropic recluses.

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Professional astrologer Leah Goldberg says Taurus tends to grow up early in life and is, therefore, "the most self-sufficient sign." They'll rarely ask for help, in part because "others actually irritate them a lot," she adds.

While they thrive on being independent, Taureans do enjoy having a small, tight-knit crew. Purpose Vibes astrologer Ansley Echols says this sign can come off antisocial "because they love comfort and sticking to what they know." You'll find them at a party, but they'll be hanging close to the pals they came with.


Sensitive Pisces tend to act like sponges and soak up other people's energy. Goldberg notes that this is draining and leads them to seek out alone time where they can recharge.

This exhaustive feeling also leaves Pisces with a bit of social anxiety and a hyperawareness of people judging them, says certified astrologer Lorena Thomas. According to Goldberg, this makes them "picky about whom they interact with." For Pisces, small talk can be torture; they'd much rather have a meaningful conversation with someone they're close to, says Goldberg.

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The perfectionists of the zodiac, Virgos aren't big fans of other people because they believe they're superior. "People make mistakes, carry germs, and make a mess, which are all things that Virgos have to criticize and fix," Goldberg explains.

At its root, this is a desire for control. Thomas says Virgos often have "an established routine that includes going to work, getting home, and relaxing." Socializing doesn't often make it on the agenda because those are situations in which Virgos can't ensure everything will go according to plan. Spending one-on-one time with someone is more their speed.


Cancers are well-known homebodies that enjoy spending time in the cozy space they've created. "If a Cancer has to choose between hanging out with friends or 'hibernating' at home, they will always choose the latter," says Thomas. This shy sign can have trouble opening up to strangers, so they feel most comfortable when surrounded by the tight-knit inner circle they trust. If you're in this group, expect an invitation to their home, where their nurturing side will come out.

But Cancer is also known to hold a grudge if someone hurts them. "It's very dangerous for a Cancerian to be around toxic people, as they absorb this negative energy, and it can affect them for a number of days," Goldberg warns. They'll go to great lengths to avoid running into someone they dislike.

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Scorpio is considered the most mysterious and closed-off sign of the zodiac. In turn, they are "very leery of other people," says Echols. "They feel deeply and need to protect themselves from those who might hurt their sensitive heart."

Because they find it hard to trust others, Goldberg says Scorpios are "not a 'friendly' zodiac sign." She also cautions that they have a reputation for using others. "People are there for them to gain things from, whether it's money, inheritances, or knowledge."

Scorpios can be "deeply embedded in conspiracies and see betrayal around every corner," according to Echols, which will lead them to be antisocial and also cause those around them to avoid their intense and negative outlook.


The success-focused zodiac sign, Capricorn would rather be a leader than be able to relate to others. "They enjoy having one or two close friends, and a girlfriend or boyfriend, but otherwise they don't socialize much unless it's to connect with people that will help them advance in their careers," Goldberg remarks.

But what really makes them antisocial is how their tunnel vision can make them judgmental. "They often look down on others, especially those that have no discipline and structure in their lives," says Goldberg. Echoing this sentiment, Echols says "Capricorns know not everyone deserves their energy and attention."

Capricorns will only spend time with those they deem worthy, which is usually not too many people. Therefore, they embrace solo travel, are happy to dine alone, and will always complete a work project on their own. Independence is a true Capricorn trait, and they're proud of it.