The Most Annoying Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


We all have the capacity to be annoying at times. However, there are some people who seem to irritate others on a regular basis. Whether they're clingy, pestering, boastful, or loud, these people often shift the vibe of a social gathering from one of joy and laughter to agitation and frustration. But the thing is, they may not have much control over this personality trait—it could be attributed to their zodiac sign. Here, we enlisted help from top astrologers to learn the most annoying members of the zodiac. Read on to learn their responses, ranked from the somewhat irksome to the absolutely infuriating.

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Whether it's by micromanaging coworkers at the office or creating a chore chart for roommates at home, Virgo's diligent nature gets frustrating at times. "Virgo people are meticulous and their need for control can be overwhelming," says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "They can end up annoying others with their demanding and perfectionist nature." If you belong to this sign, consider taking a second to pause before asking your spouse to re-clean the kitchen or an intern to change the wording of a non-important email. It just might save you from being called annoying.


A Taurus person's chill personality can sometimes be seen as indifferent—which has the potential to bother friends and family. "Taurus is very calm, to the point of not really caring if someone around them is desperate for attention or interaction," says Honigman. "While this peaceful quality makes them amazing judges, prison staff, and ER nurses, it isn't a popular quality in environments where no emergency is detected and can annoy their loved ones, who would like a bit of attention and care." If this trait is brought to a Taurus' attention, they should make every effort to correct course and provide support to those who need it.

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The first sign of the zodiac, Aries has a tendency to be impatient, fast-moving, and bold. Depending on who's on the receiving end of these behaviors, they can sometimes be considered irritating. "Aries is a quickfire sign, and reacts to things instantly—catching people off guard, which isn't always a popular way to be," says Honigman. "Calmer signs can find the Aries' constant bouncing and stressing a bit triggering, since they struggle to take a break, and so no one around them gets a break either." Learning to read the energy of a room—and relax when necessary—will help this sign immensely.


This sign's life-of-the-party nature doesn't sit well with everyone. "People born under this sign can be boastful," says professional astrologer Anna Kovach. "They can be entertaining and have a great sense of humor, but they make everything about them." Most notably, though, it's this sign's penchant for loudness and drama that can rub people the wrong way. "Sometimes, their confidence leads them to overestimate themselves, and the resulting behavior can get under people's skin," says Kovach. By accepting that they don't always have to be the center of attention, Leo can avoid countless eye rolls.

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Spending too much time with this sign can be downright exhausting. "They're a non-stop party, and unless you are also a non-stop party, the whirlwind of actions and emotions can feel a bit much," says Honigman. "Gemini is represented by two figures: the Twins. They have the energy of two people and can command all the attention in the room for 24 hours flat." The sign also has trouble switching from party mode to serious mode. "Gemini is known for being charming, fun, and playful," explains Kovach. "But when it's time to get serious, Gemini can't easily shift gears." This can bother even their closest friends and family members.
While Aquarius is the most intelligent and innovative member of the zodiac, their sometimes contrarian personality can irritate others. "Aquarius can be a very triggering sign because they are completely immune to peer pressure," says Honigman. "Even though Aquarians are kind and charitable, they love to do things their own way—and if others find it annoying, well, that's just a price they're willing to pay." This sign can put up with huffing, puffing, and eye rolls from people who disapprove of their behaviors and opinions. Of course, their unwillingness to change often aggravates such people even more.
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Cancer people don't mean to annoy others, says Kovach. Unfortunately, their sensitive and emotional nature can sometimes be cumbersome—especially for those they rely on most for support and reassurance. What's more, their moods change constantly. "When you're around a Cancer person, you can feel like you're on a rollercoaster ride," she explains. However, this sign's most frustrating trait is likely its clinginess. "Cancers are notoriously clingy," says Kovach. "Much like their sign, the crab, they hang on for dear life." Fortunately, a well-adjusted Cancer is quite the opposite—and can make a loyal, protective, and compassionate friend and partner.