The Moodiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Some people's disposition can change at any moment. One second they're smiling and the next they're screaming at you with no explanation for their behavior—often these people can be extremely sensitive, too. They're always up and down and it's hard to predict what's next. If you've ever wondered why some people's frame of mind seem more mercurial than others, the answer could be written in the stars. Read on to discover the six moodiest signs, from fairly fickle to uncomfortably unpredictable.

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Virgos are known for being intense and analytical, which means many times they'll examine a situation and get upset, but the people around them won't know what's bothering them. Astrologer Ryan Marquardt says this earth sign's "moody demeanor stems from its acute awareness of the details and more specifically, the flawed details."

Once they decide something is wrong, they'll occasionally point it out, leading others to wonder how their state of mind changed so swiftly. But this quest for perfection comes from a good place. "Virgo knows that everything and everyone can be improved, so when they call out the imperfections, it's doing so from a place of love," Marquardt says, noting that this behavior can often come off as picky.


If Libras feel like someone has done something wrong, this air sign is not afraid to tell them how they feel. Marquardt describes this balance-focused sign as "oscillating between opposites," which leads to confusing disposition changes. According to Marquardt, "That type of fluctuation can be hard to keep up with, making the other signs confused about whose side Libra is on, or what stance they're taking on a particular issue." If you disagree with a Libra, expect an argument with well-researched opinions. However, at their heart they're a peacekeeper, so they'll be mostly gentle.


Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it's considered the "baby" and can be prone to temper tantrums and "be pretty impossible to calm down," says Marquardt. "They don't handle emotional matters very well, and they're pretty forceful when they know what they want." These born leaders can appear overbearing and intense when they don't get their way. It's hard to know what will set them off, so many times people tiptoe around Aries to try to keep them happy.

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Scorpios are known for being intense and mysterious. Marquardt describes this moody fixed water sign as easily "stuck on one particular emotion for a long period of time, and they'll milk it for all its worth." They'll hold grudges and will often ice others out or offer up the cold shoulder with no explanation. "They've always got something bubbling under the surface of their exterior, and the other signs can sense when Scorpio is feeling any type of way," says Marquardt.

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Pisces act like sponges that absorb other people's energy. So, if someone around them gets emotional, it's likely they will, too. Marquardt describes this water sign as "more passive aggressive with its moods." And while they might think they're not being that obvious, everyone knows when they start to get down in the dumps. "Pisces also knows how to play the victim role, which turns into self-undoing behaviors and needless suffering," Marquardt says, calling this bad behavior "overwhelming for the other signs to be around."


Cancers are always in a hyper-emotional state because the sign is ruled by the moon, which Marquardt explains "flies through the zodiac the quickest." This means "every couple of days, Cancer is in a completely different mood." Marquardt describes this fickle sign as "going to sleep happy and waking up angry, usually having no reason for the sudden shift in feeling." Since Cancer is the first water sign, it experiences a raw version of every emotion. "Their moods are all-encompassing, and if you're around them for too long, you'll absorb their moods too," says Marquardt. But this doesn't mean you should avoid the emotionally charged sign. Sometimes, they'll be hyper-focused on being a good friend and family member to you—and once a Cancer learns how to control their emotions, they'll be less mercurial.