The Least Thoughtful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


If you've ever wondered why your friend or family member can't seem to remember your birthday and never picks a restaurant that you like, it may have a little something to do with astrology. Certain signs are less likely to think about others and more likely to focus on themselves or other superficial factors. Read on to discover the least thoughtful zodiac signs, from people who are kind of uncaring to those who are just plain selfish.

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Sagittarians don't exactly analyze their ideas before they act. "The fun-loving and playful Sagittarians are friendly, outgoing, jovial, and optimistic, but can find themselves wrapped up in their own world at times," says astrologer Linda Berry. She warns that these free spirits "speak before thinking and can be uncaring and thoughtless about how their words affect others." This fire sign can also have trouble trusting, which is one reason they're independent to a fault and appear self-obsessed at first.

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These likely party animals shine when they're the center of attention, but oftentimes that can be all they care about. Berry explains that Leos have "a big and strong ego which holds steadfast opinions, not appreciating or even allowing others input." It doesn't help that they're "known to be immature and throw temper tantrums," so they'll "use whatever means available to not go down without a fight, which includes resorting to spiteful actions."

Astrologer Rebecca Farrar agrees that Leos can be inconsiderate without realizing it. "This romantic fire sign commits to creativity and authenticity but may sometimes get into the entertaining mode and miss the mark. Being playful and funny has a charismatic pull but they may not notice when you are quieter or needing something other than jokes."

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Geminis love to entertain others with fun stories about their wild antics, but they may ignore friends and significant others while attempting to woo a crowd. Berry describes this sign as "shallow and superficial, which gives them the keen ability to improvise and be a totally different person (or two-faced), hence their symbol of the Twins." Farrar adds that these social butterflies are "a bit off in the clouds" and would "rather have fun than spend time thinking about others," because they value "getting their own needs met." It's possible a Gemini's level of thoughtfulness will change based on their double personality, so expect the unexpected.


Capricorns strive to succeed in the workplace and put those needs above everything and everyone else. "Hard-working and serious Capricorn strives to [lead] the race and only plays to win," Berry explains, calling them "strategic geniuses who play their cards close to their chest." They can be spiteful if someone disrupts their carefully thought-out plans. They might also appear uncharitable or cold since they see more value in working on themselves than doing for others.

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This occasionally destructive water sign loves a scandal and can be self-absorbed. Much of the time they are too focused on maintaining their air of mystery to care about what's going on with the people around them. "Scorpios can lie easily and love to keep secrets as well as spread gossip," Berry cautions. This powerful, passionate sign holds a grudge and doesn't like being betrayed, so they're naturally distrusting and self-focused.


As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is all about independence and getting what they want. "The assertive and sometimes aggressive nature of Aries can create a reckless attitude that at times lead to extremes of emotions, making them very thoughtless," Berry warns. "They rarely quit at anything they set their mind to and can stoop to underhanded techniques if the situation calls for it." Aries come off as self-centered due to their arrogant and impulsive nature.