The Least Sophisticated Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


While some fabulous folks are effortlessly elegant, others are far more low-key. They prefer beer over wine and staying in over dining out, and it's very likely they won't display a lot of tact in social settings. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's interesting to note that astrology could play a part in why certain people are ultra-refined and others are noticeably modest. Read on to hear from professional astrologers about the six least sophisticated zodiac signs, from somewhat simple to completely inexperienced.

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While perfectionist Virgos might appear poised, that's only the case when they're in total control of a situation. The second they aren't, their composed facades fade fast. "As an anxious earth sign, ruled by meticulous Mercury, Virgos are simply unable to play it cool or go with the flow," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense.

And in terms of material things, "frivolous luxury is something that doesn't often appeal to them because it can be wasteful," notes celebrity astrologer and horoscope writer Kyle Thomas. They'll second-guess purchases even if it's something they love since their practical side would rather save.


Cancer's lack of sophistication is a direct result of their sensitive nature. "As highly emotional and reactive people, Cancers are no stranger to dramatically fleeing the scene or bawling publicly when their feelings are hurt," Clare warns. They feel things so deeply that they lose control over their responses.

This sign is also known as the nurturing homebody of the zodiac. "Cancers are ruled by the moon, which is all about comfort rather than sophistication and luxury," explains Thomas. They won't wow you with their wine selection, but they'll cook your favorite meal and hand you a cozy blanket.

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Aquarians aren't going to be at the finest dining establishment or on the most glamorous vacation. Instead, they'll be at a local protest or perusing the library for a new book. "Aquarians are a fixed Air sign, meaning they are both big, profound thinkers and highly stubborn when it comes to their beliefs," says Clare. "This means that swanning around corporate events and schmoozing amongst the rich and famous couldn't be more unappealing for this humanitarian sign."

But don't confuse being unsophisticated with a lack of intelligence. Aquarius is considered the smartest zodiac sign and has "a rather detached, analytical, and intellectual personality," notes Thomas.


This water sign can be found covered in paint while working on their latest art project or cuddled up on the couch to escape the world. "While this doesn't mean the sign is crude or inelegant, it does mean that Pisceans possess a completely unique energy about them," explains Clare. "Attending fancy events and socializing with the elite doesn't fulfill their souls." But discovering a new artist or reupholstering a chair does.

This is also a sign that doesn't care much about what others think. "If a Pisces is lost in their emotions, they become less focused on presenting an image, as they can look and feel overwhelmed," says Thomas. They'll leave the house in their paint-splattered overalls and slippers without realizing how messy they appear.

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This cheerful, extroverted sign can easily fit in anywhere, whether it's a local dive bar or a hostel in another country. They love talking to new people, so much so that they often put their foot in their mouth. "If Geminis were able to bite their tongue, they may have made it higher on the zodiac's rank," Clare quips. They'll tell you their most embarrassing secret and recount last night's wild exploits in detail.

It doesn't help that they live to gossip, which usually puts them smack dab in the middle of some very childish drama. So while they may be up on the latest trends and travel destinations, their actions are decidedly unsophisticated.


Like Gemini, Aries' lack of sophistication comes from their behavior, not their tastes. These outwardly aggressive leaders aren't afraid to speak their minds, no matter where they are or who they're with. "Their unabashed attitude towards life can lead to the Aries dinner guest blurting out inappropriate comments and causing quite a stir," Clare warns.

Thomas says this is especially true if their temper's been activated. "When they're fired up, they can be a little rough around the edges." Aries are also known for their immaturity, pouting in group settings and stopping at nothing to get their way. Throwing a tantrum is pretty unsophisticated, we'd say.