The Least Romantic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


If you've ever wondered why your significant other doesn't shower you with kisses and gifts, astrology may have the answer. Certain signs are just not into those rom-com happy endings, nor do they feel the need to bring that lovey-dovey attitude into their relationships. Read on to discover the least romantic zodiac signs, from down-to-earth realists to cynical defeatists.

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Scorpios are very sexual, but that doesn't always translate from the bedroom to date night. "Scorpio can be sexy and lusty, but when it comes to turning on the romance, they don't always have what it takes," says astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt. "Scorpio deals with a lot of deep, subconscious blockages that make true connection and intimacy difficult," he warns. The sign also doesn't easily trust others, which can make it hard to form a close relationship with them.


Virgos are extremely picky when it comes to choosing a life partner. They might like someone enough to maintain a casual relationship, but unless that person meets their perfectionist ideals, they won't lay on the love. A Virgo "won't be afraid to speak its mind and point out the flaws in any situation," Marquardt advises. "It's not that Virgo is inherently mean, Virgos are just super aware of anything that can be improved, which means they're automatically drawn to imperfections." Virgos can learn to be amorous, but they first have to let go of their constant need to critique loved ones.

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Sagittarius is all about being independent, which makes it hard for them to be in a true partnership. According to Marquardt, this sign gets "squirmish" and "their adventurous hearts want to get up and run somewhere else when they get too comfortable for too long." Sags are so afraid to give up their freedom, that they'll often leave relationships. "The thought of settling down in any capacity can scare them, which can repel romance from their lives," Marquardt explains. Though they "aren't the most dependable when it comes to romance," he quips that they can be "a lot of fun."


This slightly insensitive sign can appear icy at first. Marquardt describes Capricorns as "great in bed, but that's where the romance stops." Going on a first date with a Cap can be uncomfortable for fairy-tale-loving people who don't know what to expect. "Capricorn can be a bit dry and calloused in romantic situations, often not sure of what to do or how to behave," Marquardt analyzes. "They're such a goal-oriented sign that romance might be too much of a task to complete, rather than a feeling to lean into naturally." But these career-focused folks can turn up the intimacy occasionally if their lover works hard on getting them to open up.

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Aries are so wrapped up in their own lives they find it difficult to focus on other people's wants and needs. Marquardt calls Aries "the most self-focused sign in the zodiac." Dating an Aries, you may realize that they enjoy getting to know you, but that's usually because they like the thrill of meeting someone new. Marquardt suspects this is because relationships "typically requires a level of submission and surrender, giving yourself up for the other person somehow, and Aries is not prepared to do that." So once the butterflies wear off, they're likely to move on to the next person.


Aquarians have their head in the clouds. This detached sign is always thinking of something deep, but that's usually not romance. Marquardt describes them as "aloof and clueless" when it comes to "matters of the heart," leading to awkward encounters in the dating department. It doesn't help that Aquarians enjoy having "freedom, autonomy, and space" according to Marquardt, qualities that don't exactly lead to love.

This sign also tends to run away and retreat into their inner minds when relationships get tough, which can confuse their suddenly isolated partner. As an air sign, "Aquarius is constantly intellectualizing the dynamics with their significant others, but romance is a feeling that you need to embrace, not a book you need to study," Marquardt says.