The Laziest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Some days it can seem impossible to get out of bed. You know you have work to do, but you'd rather relax and laze about, eschewing errands and to-do lists. Having these slow-starting days once in a while is normal, but for certain people, it's more a way of life. They rarely get their act together to try a new hobby or attend an event, they do the bare minimum at work, and simple tasks seem to take them longer than others. If you know someone like this, it could be their star sign that's to blame for why they'd rather lounge in front of the TV than tackle that heaping pile of dishes. Read on to discover the laziest zodiac signs according to astrologers, from slightly sluggish to straight-up slothful.

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Aquarians are so caught up in their inner world that they have trouble stepping outside their own personal interests. Astrologer and blogger Victoria Thomas calls Aquarius "a classic underachiever with unrealized potential."

This sign also finds it hard, therefore, to do things for others. If you ask them to unload the dishwasher or take out the trash, it's more than likely they'll refuse. "While Aquarius is a highly curious and intelligent zodiac sign, they aren't always inclined to do tasks they consider boring," psychic reader and astrologer Emily Newman says. "Aquarians love fun and have a temperamental nature, so they prefer not to do work they don't like."

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Pisces are extremely creative and are often artists and designers. While they're passionate about their pursuits, they don't like working extremely hard and are prone to procrastinating. Newman says they "will avoid every task [until] the last minute." You might find them searching for inspiration on the beach or going for a midnight run in a bid for a creative burst.

This is fine if a Pisces works alone, but it can get frustrating if you're their colleague. Expect to follow up with them multiple times about the simplest of tasks. And they may rope you into helping out, so they can see their artistry play out.

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Sagittarius is all about having a good time, leading to idleness when they're not out on the town. "Sagittarius values their independence, especially in travel and leisure pursuits, [so they] prefer to live on their terms," explains Newman. Why do mundane daily tasks like laundry and grocery shopping when you can be traveling the world?

Newman also notes that this mutable sign often has "no obligation to work." Sagittarius is a fun coworker because they'll regale you with stories about their wild adventures, but they're not reliable. Once they've saved up enough for their next trip, don't expect to even get two-weeks notice.

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Thomas says "breezy" Libras "like everything to be pleasant and easy." She explains that they get stressed easily, so instead of paying their bills, they'll stuff them in the bottom of a drawer.

But this doesn't mean that Libra can't get down to business. "They do their work when they have the energy, but it is not their priority," according to Newman. One scenario where Libras are less lazy is if they have a "far more motivated mate, often a bossy Aries, to clean up their messes," says Thomas. When they have someone to whip them into shape, Libras are more productive.

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Tauruses enjoy having a calm space and will be ultra-productive in cleaning and organizing to achieve this. But despite being responsible, they also love chilling out and binge-watching Netflix shows. "Taurus dislikes hard work, yet they handle their crucial responsibilities," Newman explains.

In extreme instances, Thomas says Taurus can be the "infant of the Zodiac who always wants to be babied, pampered, and soothed with sweets." And given their culinary tastes, you can expect a TV marathon to include a spread of treats.

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Party-loving Leos are more focused on having fun than being responsible. "Leo may appreciate the spotlight, but not the effort required to get there," Newman explains. So while they may have all the energy and motivation to throw a get-together, they'll avoid cleaning up.

When it comes to a professional setting, Thomas describes Leos as "great salesmen" who are good at making promises. They get excited about taking on new projects, but when push comes to shove, they'll rope in more hardworking signs to take over the daily drudgery. But don't expect this to catch up with them. "This naturally charismatic sign gets away with murder based purely on charm," Thomas says.