The Ice Cream You Should Order Based on Your Zodiac Sign


There are few things that scream summer quite like ice cream, and with temperatures climbing, a frozen treat is extra appealing. But gone are the days of chocolate, vanilla, or swirl—ice cream shops today have so many funky flavors it can be difficult to decide. If you're looking to switch up your regular order, why not turn to the stars? Ahead, hear from NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust on which ice cream flavor you should choose based on your zodiac sign. Will you be a nostalgic hot fudge sundae or a seductive scoop of salted caramel?

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Aries: Rocky Road

As the leader of the zodiac, you're used to blazing your own trail, and you enjoy taking the road less traveled. Nothing stands in the way of you and your accomplishments. Although life can throw you plenty of curve balls, you always get back up and forge ahead.

"Known as the warrior of the zodiac, Aries won't let anything come in their way of winning," explains Stardust. "The path to success may be full of obstacles, but no 'rocky road' will get in the Ram's way of world domination." In addition to this flavor's symbolism, it's a delicious blend of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and nuts.

Taurus: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

You're known for your love of decadence and comfort, taking your time to savor life's little moments. Your main focus is having a good time and embracing leisure. So, while other signs might enjoy an unusual or out-there flavor, you prefer to stick to the tried and true classics.

"As a lover of sweets, Taurus enjoys a symphony of blended delicacies," says Stardust. "And their palate is refined like no other sign. The blend of vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough will send their taste buds into ecstasy."

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Gemini: Birthday Cake
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Versatility is the name of the game with you, Gemini. You're fun-loving, extroverted, and a bit on the unpredictable side. As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you're always looking to live it up and embrace the unusual. Therefore, you'll only be satisfied with a one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor.

"Every day is a celebration in the life of a lovely Gemini, which is why [birthday cake] is the ultimate ice cream flavor for this party animal," explains Stardust. "Be sure to bring extra for their twin, too!"

Cancer: Mango

You're sweet and sentimental, Cancer, and that energy translates to your favorite foods. You're also big on comfort, and as such, fruit-flavored ice cream reminiscent of your favorite childhood popsicle is the best of both worlds.

"Being a summertime sign, the Crab enjoys deserts that have a fruity flair, which is why mango is their ice cream treat of choice—it allows them to cool down in the heat and arouse their sweet tooth," explains Stardust.

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Leo: Hot Fudge Sundae

You're the life of the party and a scene stealer, Leo. There's nothing subtle about you and your dynamic personality. Everywhere you go, you're making a statement and letting your energy shine through.

"Known as the sign who brings the most flair and drama to the table, Leo will be delighted to spoon out a sundae with all the accoutrements," says Stardust. "Only Leo can turn a basic flavor into a delicious sweet dream." A sundae with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top is just as fun and outgoing as you.

Virgo: Cookies and Cream

Virgo, you thrive off of structure and predictability. As an earth sign who likes to keep things orderly and routine, you don't tend to deviate from your usual favorites very often. However, as the sign ruled by curious and quick-thinking Mercury, you have a surprising side that likes to come out every now and again.

"Classic, but full of pizzazz are words that describe Virgo's understated taste," says Stardust. "Much like the earthy zodiac sign, cookies and cream has the same [reputation] amongst the ice cream flavors—which is why it will fill Virgo's empty cone with delight."

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Libra: Neapolitan

As any Libra knows, making decisions is tough—especially when there are so many good options. As the sign symbolized by the scales, you're always looking to have your cake and eat it, too. So why limit yourself to one ice cream flavor, when you can have three?

"Of course Libra will be entranced by the proportional [nature] of Neapolitan ice cream, making the balanced air sign tilt their scales for a second helping of all three flavors," Stardust says. This delicious combo allows you to switch things up as your mood changes and enjoy the best of the classics.

Scorpio: Mint Chocolate Chip

Scorpios are very comfortable expressing their assertiveness and passion—you like what you like, and you're not making any apologies about it. You need an ice cream that is both intense and refreshing, just like your personality.

"Mint chocolate chip awakens the senses and helps freshen up our palates," says Stardust. "Transcendent Scorpio enjoys the flavor because it revives their subconscious desires with every lick."

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Sagittarius: Moose Tracks

You're a lover of adventure and trying new things. You're funny, enthusiastic about life, and a free spirit who finds nothing too outrageous. When it comes to an ice cream flavor that perfectly captures your personality, it's Moose Tracks.

"Sagittarius is known to be a world traveler, consumed with different views and philosophies," Stardust notes. "Moose Tracks has many different blended ingredients that will add pep to their lust for different insights." Vanilla ice cream mixed with peanut butter cups and fudge is certainly a bold combo.

Capricorn: Strawberry

Just because you're known for being responsible and focused, doesn't mean you don't enjoy treating yourself every now and again. Your work hard-play hard attitude goes beyond the boardroom, and you have a sensitive side that enjoys taking things slow. The perfect summer treat for you won't be complicated or fussy, but rather, "simple… and to the point," Stardust says. A cone with strawberry ice cream fits the bill and will awaken your taste buds with a "sweet peppy zest."

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Aquarius: Pistachio

You love standing out from the crowd, Aquarius. Unlike other signs that prefer to conform, you're not afraid to be a little weird. In fact, your unique personality is what people love about you. As such, you need an ice cream flavor that suits your distinctive style.

"The avant-garde air sign will be drawn to the unique color of pistachio—and will enjoy its warm aroma and flavor," says Stardust. "Aquarius will flip for the eclectic mix of this nutty treat."

Pisces: Salted Caramel

Mysterious and dreamy, Pisces is one of the harder signs to understand. You tend to embrace people, places, and things that remind you of your favorite moments in life. However, you also tend to get lost in your feelings and can live with your head in the clouds.

Pisces' nostalgic nature "will be drawn to salted caramel because the salty element will remind them of the seas and oceans the fish swim in, suiting their taste for mystical beachy air," says Stardust. Plus, it's a bit complex, just like you.