The Clumsiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Do you ever find yourself tripping and stumbling? Bumping your hip on every table you walk by? Spilling your coffee down your shirt more times than you'd like to admit? You might have your birth date to blame for these klutzy tendencies. According to astrologers, some poised people can strut like they're on a catwalk in six-inch heels, while others bang into things that aren't even there. Read on to discover the six clumsiest zodiac signs, from a little bit awkward to completely graceless.

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This sign often acts before they think. "Aries are not usually perceived as clumsy but because they are the most impulsive in action without too much thought, this can come off as clumsiness," explains Sophie Won, an astrologer and CEO of the Reha App. "Aries usually acts quick but sometimes when you move too fast, you break things," she adds.

But it's not just their actions; this sign can also suffer from putting their foot in their mouth. "By the time they realize it, they have spoiled things," notes Emily Newman, a spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at Best of Psychic Reading. This habit of blurting things out often happens when Aries is trying to steal the limelight and get all the attention on them.


If you're familiar with Cancers, you know that this water sign can be an excellent companion, as they're so sensitive and nurturing. However, "when you act out of emotions and impulse, this can lead to clumsiness," says Won. They'll often be daydreaming or feeling nostalgic for their childhoods, making it easy for them to bump into someone or something accidentally.

This distracted clumsiness can also come out when Cancer is having one of their more moody days. They'll walk into a person while sending a dramatic text message or accidentally chop a little bit too hard while cooking because they're listening to a favorite emotional song.

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Much like klutzy Cancers, this fellow water sign lives in a magical fantasy world. "It's not that they're naturally uncoordinated, it's just that they have a hard time paying attention to their surroundings," explains Sunny Mehra, an astrologer at Angel Number Meaningz. With their heads in the clouds, they're prone to tripping over their own two feet.

For the reasons noted above, Pisces is also considered the most forgetful zodiac sign, which only adds to their graceless charm. They won't necessarily forget your birthday, but things that are banaler—say a doctor's appointment or bill due date—will easily slip their mind.


While Libras are known for being well-balanced as people, they're not always great at literally balancing. This sign can be so distracted by always trying to do and say the right thing, that they're "not always aware of their surroundings, and they can sometimes stumble or trip over things," says Mehra.

Won also points to Libra's intense indecisiveness as a contributor to their clumsiness. "They tend to waver in their action which leads to clumsy direction." Picture them with two cakes in their hands, trying to decide which to buy, and instead dropping them both on the floor.

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Though they're an air sign, not a water sign like Cancer and Pisces, Aquarius also tends to be in their own little world. "Aquarius energy is very much known as the space cadet and it's because they are often embroiled in their own mind space," says Won.

But for the most humanitarian and intelligent sign of the zodiac, their spaciness is usually because they're focused on something far more important, like ending world hunger or figuring out a cure for diseases. This might be the person you see walking down the street reading a book or intensely lecturing a friend while driving. They certainly pride themselves on their independent, eccentric personalities, but sometimes not being present results in clumsiness.

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Geminis are often clumsy because they simply have too much to think about, whether it's their jam-packed social calendar or the new hobby they just picked up. "[They're] notorious for being a bit scatterbrained and all over the place leading them to be disorganized in coordination," notes Won. But their zest for life can have unintended consequences.

"Bored easily, they shift gears faster than a Formula One driver," jokes astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. "When you're moving that quickly, it's inevitable you're going to drop a few balls and end up with scratches and scrapes."

In addition to being physically clumsy, Gemini is known to be quite clumsy with their words. Newman describes them as "an impatient sign that enjoys spending time with their friends [and is] always hoping to share something great." In an effort to tell a good story, they might accidentally spill your big secret. Much like Aries, because they want to shine, they don't always think before they speak.