The City You Should Retire in Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Who doesn't dream of retirement? After years of working hard and getting after the daily grind, there's nothing more exciting than that next chapter in life. Whether your ideal retirement includes sipping cocktails and relaxing on a white sand beach or whale watching off the rocky coast of a small European town, there's a city out there waiting to show you that life can be just getting started after 65. If you're not sure which locale is best for you, why not look to the stars for guidance? Keep reading to hear from an astrologer about the city you should retire in, based on your zodiac sign.

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Lauren Ash is an astrologer and culture writer based in St. Louis. You can follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes and cosmic guidance.

Aries: New York City
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As if retirement was ever going to slow you down, Aries! You're a mover and a shaker who is always looking to try something new. Ambition suited you well in your career, and now you're looking for a place to retire where you can keep the party going. Why not make your home in a city known for its delicious food and electrifying nightlife? From the bustling city streets rich with culture to the trendy bars open until the wee hours of the morning, you won't have a moment of boredom in New York City.

Taurus: Lyon, France
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You're in no rush to retire, Taurus. In fact, you rather enjoy having a structured routine to build your life around. However, you didn't work this hard to not retire somewhere fabulous. Once you do finally find yourself ready to enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle, why not embrace your Venusian side and retire in the most romantic country on earth? Of course, Paris is too crowded for your taste, but Lyon, with its historic architecture and incredible food scene, is just perfect. Choose a lazy little apartment where you can carve out a fresh routine.

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Gemini: Barcelona, Spain
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Hot nights in the city are what you're after, and what better place to enjoy it all than Barcelona? This gorgeous coastal city has a little bit of everything, which is exactly what you like. Whether you prefer taking early morning strolls through the historic streets or becoming a local at the corner cafe, the vibrant and friendly atmosphere of Barcelona is the perfect match for your sociable and extroverted personality.

Cancer: Boca Raton, Florida
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Forget what everyone says about you being too emotional or dramatic, Cancer. You're actually one of the more laid-back signs of the zodiac and have a natural ability to adapt to every phase of life. When it comes to choosing the perfect retirement spot, all you need is a view of the ocean, some nice weather, and delicious food. If spending your golden years reading romance novels on the beach sounds like a dream come true, Boca Raton is the place for you. The laidback Florida city has a go-with-the-flow social scene that's sure to hit just the right note.

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Leo: Sydney, Australia
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Ready to soak up the sun, Leo? If life is a party, you view retirement as the biggest celebration of them all. You're not looking to slow down one bit, and would prefer to retire somewhere with beautiful sunny weather and plenty of opportunities to strut your stuff. Known for its world-famous beaches and surf culture, Sydney has both a laid-back coastal lifestyle as well as a vibrant social scene. With over 300 days of visible sunshine a year, there's no better place for you to get your shine on.

Virgo: Nashville, Tennessee
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You're very particular, Virgo, but that doesn't mean you're hard to please. When it comes to everything from your daily coffee order to your favorite flowers, you like things that are high-quality and simple. So, forget trendy travel destinations or bustling metropolises that might leave you overwhelmed, and instead retire to a city known for its live music, friendly locals, walkable neighborhoods, and so much more. With good food (especially BBQ!) and good gossip around every corner, you'll have everything you need to relax and enjoy your years in Nashville.

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Libra: New Orleans, Louisiana
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Everyone likes to call you the partier of the zodiac, Libra. And while that may be true, it doesn't mean you're not a hustler as well. You know that vacation home won't pay for itself; life is all about balance, something you need to strike with your chosen retirement destination. You need to have access to nature, but you also desire a trendy social scene. New Orleans is a magical blend of culture, people, nightlife, and more, so you'll be able to have your cake and eat it, too.

Scorpio: Medellin, Colombia
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You're a hard one to please, Scorpio. Your tendency to observe first and speak second (or sometimes not at all), can rub some people the wrong way. But the truth is that your cautious nature is often misunderstood. Therefore, you're looking for a retirement location where you can find yourself. Why not take some time exploring the "city of eternal spring" and immerse yourself among some of the world's most breathtaking flower farms, butterfly sanctuaries, and orchid reserves? A hidden gem among retirement destinations, Medellin, Colombia has plenty of mystery and charm to keep you interested.

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Sagittarius: Tokyo, Japan
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The trick for you won't be picking a place to retire, it'll be finding somewhere to settle down that you haven't already explored! Let's be real, retirement for you isn't going to look much different from your normal life. You'll likely continue to cross things off your bucket list and take once-in-a-lifetime adventures with friends, family, and strangers alike. But you're still going to need a home base, and you must be near an international airport. Retire in style in one of Tokyo's many micro-apartments. You'll have just enough space to store your things and catch a few hours of sleep before you're off again.

Capricorn: Napa Valley, California
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Of all the signs, you're the most likely to start saving for retirement early. Practical and a bit set in your ways, you don't need to show off your success by retiring somewhere flashy or expensive. You'd rather use your hard-earned money to buy yourself some much-needed peace and privacy. Although the high price points of Napa Valley might deter some, you understand that retiring in style doesn't come cheap. And with all the gorgeous views of the mountains and world-famous wine vineyards right in your backyard, you can rest assured this classic retirement destination is worth every penny.

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Aquarius: Seoul, South Korea
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A quirky and innovative soul such as yourself can't just retire anywhere. Beaches bore you, and wine country is for the snobs. You're someone who thrives on innovation and social connections, which makes Seoul, South Korea a perfect retirement destination. With a rich mix of culture and modern technology, Seoul has quickly become one of the trendiest cities in the world. There's no shortage of exciting new hobbies and social circles to plunge yourself into, and you're sure to learn a thing or two about staying hip with the kids by absorbing the city's uber-modern vibes.

Pisces: Portland, Maine
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Full of passion, idealism, and creativity, Pisces are known as the daydreamers of the zodiac. You often fantasize about retiring somewhere near the water with your partner by your side. After all, what's life worth if you don't have people to share it with? Keeping your need for whimsy and romance in mind, what better way to spend your golden years than on the coast of beautiful Maine? With endless cafes, romantic date night spots, and ocean views a moment away, there's nowhere better suited for your retirement.