The Cattiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 


You probably know people who are downright rude. Or those who love to gossip. And then there's the jealous bunch. But throw all these unfavorable traits together and you're left with a very catty person. They'll cut you down with one remark if they feel threatened (maybe about how your hair looked better before the cut) and won't think twice about making you look bad behind your back. If you're getting sick and tired of their snide remarks, you may be interested to learn that their horoscope sign could be to blame. Read on to hear from professional astrologers about the six cattiest zodiac signs, from a bit bitter to highly hateful.

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You might be surprised to see Cancer on this list; after all, they're known for being kind and devoted to their family and friends. But if you offend one, watch out. "Cancers are one of the most sensitive zodiac signs of all, which can cause them to be quite catty if they're feeling offended," warns pop culture astrologer and horoscope writer Kyle Thomas.

They won't say anything to your face, of course, because they're famously conflict-avoidant. But they'll be passive-aggressive and won't feel bad talking behind your back. One reason for this is that Cancers tend to live in the past. They get hung up on failed friendships and exes, and won't hesitate to tell someone how they really feel about that grudge they're holding.


Sags are the life of the party. But they also have a darker side. "While often known as one of the most jovial zodiac signs because they are ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians can also have a mean streak," Thomas cautions. He describes this explosive fire sign as "reckless, rude, abrasive, and brash," and says "their mode of communication can be very offensive to others." They'll tell you exactly what's on their mind without considering the consequences.

This sign is also quite proud, so if someone offends them (which is surprisingly easy to do) their ego can't take it. They'll strike back with a vindictive remark.

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Aries are born leaders, but if someone gets in their way, they'll act hostile. "Aries are represented as the child of the zodiac since they are the first zodiac sign, which can cause them to have tantrums and be bratty if their egos are not satiated," Thomas notes.

They're even considered the rudest sign, as they're highly combative and impulsive. Emily Newman, an astrologer at Best of Psychic Reader, notes that they like being the center of attention. "Any competition with Aries might set you up for their bitter and mean-spirited diatribes." The best way to keep their biting ways at bay is to let them be in charge. But, luckily, even if you do set them off, their anger doesn't last for long.


Much like Aries, Leo longs to be the best of the best and the center of attention. On the outside, these fun extroverts are "nice, loving, empathetic, and pleasant," notes Newman. But she warns that "they are not harmless."

This fire sign has a hot temper that becomes unleashed when they feel they've been wronged (they're represented by a lion for a reason). "[Leos] cannot stand when someone disrespects them, their pride, or what they love, which will cause them to see anyone who does this as an enemy," Thomas explains. As long as you don't betray a Leo or try to steal their spotlight, they'll be cheerful and kind. But once you upset them… that's another story.

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Geminis are incredible at communicating. They'll talk for hours about anything and can strike up a conversation with anyone at a party. But they also absolutely love to gossip. They'll tell a snide story about a friend's breakup and might even reveal your deep, dark family secret if they think it will entertain a crowd.

As Thomas explains, Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, so they're known to have two different sides to their personalities. "They're pleasant when they like you, but will quickly backstab if they've felt slighted." And with the huge circle of friends a Gemini tends to have, it can be all too easy for the he-said-she-said to get misconstrued. It's probably best not to divulge too much to this sign.


This intense, mysterious sign symbolized by the scorpion can get quite nasty, especially during a break-up, whether with a friend or significant other. Thomas explains that it's because they're "ruled by Mars, the planet of war, and Pluto, the planet of extremes and domination." They'll hold a grudge and are all too quick to feed into the drama.

And don't expect a Scorpio to alter their behavior. "As a fixed sign, they are stubborn and resist change and have problems moving on," Thomas adds. Plus, they likely won't see your side of things anyway. Newman says they have "a ruthless attitude and lack of empathy for the injured people as if the victim is at fault." You know, they're that person who can take any situation and make you feel guilty about it.