The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Blonde Hair, According to Stylists


The easiest way to make your shopping trips easier is to learn what looks good on you. Once you do that, you can return to the same themes repeatedly. An item's silhouette, length, and aesthetic all come into play, but it's also important to learn your most flattering colors. That's especially true if you're blonde—regardless of your skin tone or eye color. Blonde hair contains a multitude of dimensions and can be highlighted simply by throwing on a dress of a certain hue. Ready to figure out your new favorite shades? Read on to hear from personal stylists about the best colors to wear if you're blonde.

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When choosing the best color to wear with blonde hair, you'll want to consider your skin tone.

"For cool-skinned blondes, pastel lavender is the best complementary color," says  Elizabeth Kosich, a New York City-based certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel and, as a softer hue, lavender doesn't overpower yet supports hair color to help it pop."

The hue is truly versatile; in the summer, it's easy breezy, while in the winter, it takes on an icy quality.

Orange-y red
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If you have a warmer skin tone and blonde hair, try an orange-y red. "It's warm like their complexion, complements hair color, and brings an effervescent quality that's uplifting," says Kosich. "Orangey-red delivers psychological benefits, too, like optimism and self-confidence."

In the spring and summer, it'll read as cheery and high-energy, and in the winter months, it'll look festive and glam. Pair it with matching lipstick for maximum impact.

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Kosich says neutral-toned blondes look fabulous in a range of colors. Her favorite, however, is coral. "From peach-pink to poppy, coral is a universally flattering color and so looks great on everyone regardless of skin tone," she says. "It, too, is a positive color that's both invigorating and optimistic."

You can build your entire warm-weather wardrobe around the playful hue. In winter, add it to your closet with dainty cashmere cardigans.

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If you have yellow-blonde hair, opt for a bold, metallic moment. "Bronzes, golds, and champagne look amazing on a warm blonde," says Andie Sobrato, a personal stylist and image consultant. "These warm metallics bring out the brightness of the hair—think Margot Robbie on the red carpet."

Don't think you can sport sequins and rhinestones to the office? Try something a tad more subdued. "Neutral warm tones like rust, mustard, and creams tie in beautifully with the hair without washing out the individual," Sobrato adds.

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Yellow Gold Jewelry
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Blonde hair glistens, especially when paired with the proper jewelry.

"Consider yellow as the gold standard for accessorizing blondes—handbags with gold hardware, belts with gold buckles, overcoats with gold buttons, citrine and topaz gemstones, and gold precious metal," says Kosich. "Color-wise gold ties into blonde hair, but it also brings luster and shimmer, adding dimension and energy to the mix."

Fortunately, the finish is trend-proof and timeless, meaning you can invest in quality pieces without worrying they'll go out of style.