The 5 Best Party-Ready St. Patrick's Day Cocktails


St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and that means one thing: it's officially time to start thinking—and more importantly, drinking—green! But this year, instead of rubbing shoulders with the tipsy crowds at your local pub, why not celebrate Ireland's favorite patron saint in a much more dignified fashion? That's right: mix up your own festive cocktails at home.

So, whether you want a cold beer or something a little bit stronger, here are a five easy and delicious ways to avoid getting pinched. And for more great cocktail recipes, don't miss these 5 sexy aphrodisiac cocktails that are guaranteed to set the mood.

Green Beer

When you think of St. Patrick's Day, you probably think of green beer, right? Well, making it is as simple as it sounds: all you need is your favorite beer and some dye.

For my recipe, I like to use liquid chlorophyll. It's the perfect shade of green and it's a superfood ingredient. (Talk about a win-win.) It's also alkalizing, it boosts the immune system, and it improves digestion. Also, liquid chlorophyll is tasteless, which makes it the ideal alternative to any synthetic food dyes.


1 bottle or can of your favorite light to medium beer.
1/4 tsp Liquid chlorophyll.

How to Make It

—Drop the chlorophyll into the beer (remember: start with a small amount; the color is very concentrated). Then look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Green Goddess

We can be girly and green, can't we? Yes, we can! And besides tasting delicious, this drink is an excellent way to help you avoid all of the extra Irish Car Bomb calories you'd otherwise be having on St. Paddy's Day. It's light, refreshing, and low in calories.


2 oz of gin
1 oz of lime juice
4 slices of cucumber (one for garnish)
4 fresh mint sprigs (leaves off and chopped)
Club soda

How to Make It

Add gin, lime juice, three slices of cucumber, and mint to your cocktail shaker. Muddle. Add ice and shake well. Add ice to your glass and strain your cocktail into it. Top with club soda and garnish with a cucumber slice on glass. Then sip-sip away!

Shamrock Slam

You can't get much greener than bright-green Midori Liqueur. Remember the early 90s, when Midori Sour's were all the rage? (I do!) Honestly: what better way to bring it back in all of its beautiful, neon-green glory? Woop-woop!


1 oz Midori Liqueur
1 oz Silver tequila (chilled)
1 oz Sprite or 7-up

How to Make It

Pour the Midori and chilled tequila into a large shot glass and then top with Sprite. Place a napkin on top and then place your hand over the shot glass. Slam it down on a hard and stable counter or table. This will make it fizz. Shoot it back. Then scream, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!"

Irish Grasshopper

A Grasshopper is a classic after-dinner drink dating back to the early twentieth century. The name of the drink derives from its green color, which comes from crème de menthe. Here you'll see that I've "Irished" it up by adding some good-ole Irish Whiskey and some fresh mint!


1 oz Irish Whiskey
1 oz Green Creme de Menthe
1 oz Crème de Cacao
1 oz Cream
1 Mint Sprig

How to Make It

Add all ingredients and ice into a shaker. Shake thoroughly, thenn pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

Fairy Fizz

In Irish folklore, a leprechaun is fairy that will grant you three wishes if you catch it. Here's one you can definitely get your hands on.


1 oz Midori Liqueur

How to Make It

Pour the Midori into the champagne and wish away!

Shana Wall is a New York City-based certified sommelier and chef. Follow her on Instagram @ShanaWall for more info.

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