Susan Sarandon Will Date Any Gender, as Long as They'll Do This


Susan Sarandon has conquered many fronts in her life, from acting to producing to activism. Now at 74, this A-lister is looking to enjoy herself, possibly with a partner. While Sarandon says she's not actively looking for a significant other, she's certainly open to one. The actor recently said that she's happy to date someone of any gender, race, or age, as long as they want to do this one thing with her. Read on to find out what her non-negotiable requirement in a partner is.

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Susan Sarandon is open to dating a person of gender, as long as they'll go on adventures with her.

Many celebrities tend to stay tight-lipped about their dating life, but Sarandon got candid while discussing her ideal partner in a June 11 interview on Extra. "I would like to find someone who likes to go on adventures," Sarandon said, noting that men around her age tend to not be adventurous enough for her. "I have no age, color, gender requirements. I'm just ready for adventures."

This is not the first time Sarandon has said a sense of adventure was her number one priority in a partner. On the March 10 episode of the podcast Divorced Not Dead, the star also noted the importance of a significant other who's open to new experiences, gender, age, and race aside. "I don't care if it's a man or a woman. I mean, I'm open to all age, all color. For me, those things are just details," she said.

At the time, she also reiterated that men her age are not as "adventuresome" as she needs in a partner. "One of the problems of finding guys in my age bracket is that so many of them are just trying to preserve the status quo at this point," she continued. "They're not open and curious."

She also wants someone who is happy with themselves and their life choices.

While adventurous is the top characteristic on Sarandon's checklist for a partner, she's also looking for someone who is comfortable and confident in who they are. Sarandon told Extra that she wants someone who is "is happy with themselves and with whatever they do."

During her March interview on the Divorced Not Dead podcast, Sarandon also said she didn't care what her future partner did professionally or how much they make, as long as they're "passionate about what they do." She added: "They could be a school teacher, or they could be a writer, or they could be successful or not successful."

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And Sarandon needs a partner who is unbothered by her success.

Someone as famous as Sarandon needs a partner who does not see her success as their shortcoming, an issue she's faced in the past. While on the Divorced Not Dead podcast, Sarandon described having that struggle with her ex, Jonathan Bricklin, a semi-professional ping-pong player who was 30 years younger than her. "My career was more established and was bigger," Sarandon said of Bricklin, who she dated from 2010 to 2015. "After five years, he just couldn't deal with the anger that he had toward what seemed like everything was about me."

Sarandon now knows that the next person she dates "isn't gonna be intimidated by people coming up on the street to [her] and saying, 'Oh my god, I love you.'"

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Although Sarandon is open to dating, she says she's also happy being single.

Sarandon told Extra that she hasn't really been looking for someone to date. "What was I going to date someone that comes to give me my COVID test?" she joked. She went on to say, "I'm very happy being by myself. I have great friends."

However, the star is open to dating if she finds the right person. "It certainly would take something extraordinary to share my medicine cabinet at this point," she said on Divorced Not Dead.

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