Never Wear This One Thing on a Plane, Flight Attendant Warns


Deciding what to wear on the airplane is a decision you'll have to live with for hours. Finding the sweet spot between being comfortable but not looking like you're wearing pajamas when you check in to your hotel can be a challenge. There's also the additional conundrum of finding a way to dress appropriately for the weather at the location you're taking off from, while also being dressed comfortably for the temperature at the place you're flying into. But if you've got one last summer vacation coming up, there's one thing you should absolutely not wear. A flight attendant recently urged passengers to avoid wearing one particular article of clothing on a plane. Read on to find out what it is.

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A flight attendant warns you to never wear shorts on a plane.

In a July 27 TikTok that went viral, flight attendant Tommy Cimato detailed a handful of things people should never do on a plane, one of them being wear shorts. Don't "wear shorts while you're on an airplane," warned Cimato. He pointed out that you don't know how many people have wiped their hands on the seat or what has touched it. "You never know how clean it's going to be, so if you have pants, you're going to have fewer germs," he explained.

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He also says not to nap in one position.

Keeping your legs covered on the plane isn't the only advice Cimato had for his followers.

He also warned flight passengers to avoid falling asleep or leaning their heads on the window. "You're not the only one who has done that, and you don't know how many people have wiped their hands or other things all over the window," Cimato said.

And there's one part of the plane he says to never touch with your bare hands.

Cimato also doled out advice about what you should do before you board the flight and his top tip was to stay hydrated. "You want to have about 16 ounces [of water] every flight that you go on," said Cimato.

Flying is known to dehydrate you. Family physician Matthew Goldman, MD, told Clevland Clinic that airplane cabins have very low humidity levels because about half of the air circulating is coming from outside of the plane, and at high altitudes, it's almost completely stripped of moisture. Goldman said this could "cause your throat, nose, and skin to feel dry."

Of course, being well hydrated means you may have to use that teeny tiny plane bathroom, but Cimato says if you do, you should never touch the flush button or lever with your bare hands. "It's honestly just super unsanitary. It's pretty gross," Cimato said. "So when you flush, use a napkin or tissue."

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Commenters called out Cimato for not cleaning the plane well enough, but he pointed out that's not a flight attendant's job.

A handful of commenters tried to chastise Cimato and fellow flight attendants for the potential dirtiness of the plane. "In conclusion, the whole plane is dirty," one commenter wrote. "What you're saying then is the inside of planes never gets disinfected," another commenter added.

Cimato responded to one of the comments to point out that flight attendants are not tasked with cleaning the cabin of the plane. "The ground crew does all the plane cleaning," explained Cimato. "They try their best to keep it clean, but this is just in case it gets missed."

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