Never Use This Product If You Have Crow's Feet, Experts Warn 


With age comes change. Unfortunately, that can mean wrinkles, jowls, and often, crow's feet. When it comes to crow's feet, however, covering them up can sometimes make your skin look worse instead of better. Maybe you've tried everything, from creams to contouring, but there is one particular item you might be using that could be doing more harm than good. If you want to conceal the area around your eyes rather than draw attention to them, there's a solution. Read on to find out which product you should never use if you have crow's feet, and what you should be doing instead.

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Stop using loose powder immediately if you have crow's feet.

According to Ben Johnson, MD, and Osmosis Beauty founder and formulator, crow's feet "are caused by volume losses in two zones, the structural fat pads near the eyes and the loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis." If you're not using products with the right ingredients around this sensitive area, you could just be irritating your skin and making aspects of your appearance you want to keep hidden more apparent.

One way to avoid this permanently? Say goodbye to loose powder. So, next time you apply concealer and have the urge to then cover it with powder, stop. "Don't use loose powder if you have crow's feet," she says. "It can settle in the wrinkles and make them more obvious."

Loose powder will make you look older.

In addition to loose powder not camouflaging those crow's feet, it might actually be adding years to your appearance. Sydney-based influencer Ellen Malone believes you might be aging yourself with under-eye powder without even realizing it. "If you powder wet concealer, it will make you look wrinkly," she says. "It also causes the makeup to separate, giving a grainy texture."

New York City dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD, agrees that powder foundation is the one product that will make crow's feet look more prominent, saying, "If you are dealing with crow's feet, sometimes a powder foundation can actually make crow's feet appear worse as the powder can be drying on the skin and may settle into the creases, making the crow's feet more noticeable."

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Creamy foundations are your friend.
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If you still want to use some cover-up but want to avoid a crepey look, Merry Thornton, a board-certified physician assistant and founder of Element Medical Aesthetics, advises that you "opt for light to medium coverage creamy formulations if you're using foundation or concealer, and make sure to put a primer on first to create a smooth canvas."

Cream-based products will also give you a more hydrated appearance, which will "improve the look of the crow's feet," Garshick adds.

Read your ingredient lists.

When you're choosing a creamy formula that works, one of the most important things to look for is a product with natural ingredients. Ildi Pekar, a celebrity facialist and CEO of  Ildi Pekar Skin Care warns, "Try to avoid products with artificial colors, fragrance, and alcohol, as these can cause inflammation, dehydrate, and sensitize the skin that leads to accelerated aging and highlighting the crow's feet."

The best solution for this according to Pekar is to double check the "ingredient list" to guarantee that there are no artificial add-ons hidden in the products you use around your eyes. If you do this, you can kiss your crow's feet goodbye.

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