Heather Graham Just Shared These Personal Photos of Late Ex Heath Ledger


It's difficult to believe that it's been 13 years since Heath Ledger died at the age of 28. The actor left behind a long legacy for his unnaturally short life, which includes winning a posthumous Oscar for his role in The Dark Knight. Ledger also left behind family, friends, and former partners, who still maintain his memory. On Tuesday, actor Heather Graham shared some personal, unseen photos from her relationship with Ledger on Instagram, remembering her ex as "a special person." Read on to see the private shots, and for more stars we miss, check out Cloris Leachman's Life in Photos.

Heather Graham shared some personal shots of Heath Ledger on her Instagram.
Juergen Vollmer/Popperfoto/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the actor took to social media to share some photos she has of her time dating Ledger. "Going through my photos I found these," she captioned the gallery. "Just remembering this time. Heath Ledger was such a special person."

This particular photo, which is a professional shot, was taken when Ledger visited Graham on the set of her 2001 movie From Hell. And for more former Hollywood couples who might've slipped your mind, check out 15 Onscreen Couples You Totally Forgot Dated in Real Life.

Graham and Ledger dated for about nine months nearly 20 years ago.

Graham and Ledger reportedly met when two different movies brought both of them to Prague, in the Czech Republic. Graham was working on the aforementioned From Hell, with Johnny Depp, and Ledger was filming A Knight's Tale. They were together from Oct. 2000 until Jun. 2001 and attended a few Hollywood events together, including the Knight's Tale premiere.

But while photographers captured them on the red carpet, this photo of them was unseen by the public until Graham posted it to her Instagram.

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One of the photos she shared is a self-portrait of Ledger.

In addition to acting, Ledger had a passion for photography, filmmaking, and visual art. Graham's gallery includes a portrait Ledger took of himself in a mirror—something he did often. He also directed several music videos and was hoping to direct feature films. And for more celebrity news sent right to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Graham had previously kept her memories of Ledger private.
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In the years after they dated and even after the actor died, Graham never spoke at length publicly about her relationship with Ledger. And even with this post memorializing him, she mostly lets the photos speak for themselves.

After they went their separate ways, Ledger dated several other famous names, most notably his Brokeback Mountain costar Michelle Williams, with whom he had his daughter, Matilda Ledger. And Graham, now 50, went on to have serious relationships with screenwriter Yaniv Raz and producer Tommy Alastra.

While she may not have shared many details of their time together, Graham clearly has fond memories of being close with Ledger. And fans are no doubt grateful to be able to share those, thanks to her post. And for more celebrities of this era, check out The Biggest '00s TV Teen Idols, Then and Now.