Gizelle Bryant Slammed for Making an Antisemitic Joke on Her Podcast


Gizelle Bryant is stirring up controversy yet again. Over the last several months, the Real Housewives of Potomac star has developed a bad reputation for speaking before she thinks. Now, fans are slamming the Bravolebrity for spreading antisemitism following an offensive joke she made on her podcast, Reasonably Shady. Bryant's history of ill remarks proceeds her and her lack of accountability and remorse has fans riled up. To learn more about Bryant's problematic past and why fans are calling for her cancelation, keep scrolling.

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Bryant said an antisemitic comment while discussing Drake and his fans.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Her controversial joke was in response to the inflation of concert ticket prices. During a recent episode of Reasonably Shady, Bryant was complaining to her cohost and fellow RHOP castmate, Robyn Dixon, about how expensive concert tickets have gotten, especially if you want to be on the floor or in the pit.

"Who's paying for that?" the hosts speculated of the $2,000 price tag. Then, Bryant off-puttingly remarked, "The Rubinsteins. They are paying for their little child and their friends to go sit on the floor and see Drake."

According to Page Six, who originally broke the story, Rubinsteins is a primarily Jewish last name. While Dixon has called out her cohost's problematic comments in the past, she instead responded to Bryant's ill-willed joke with a laugh.

"So they can sing 'Hotline Bling,'" Bryant added, to which Dixon agreed, "Right."

Bryant is being bombarded with backlash from angry fans.
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Since the episode's release, fans have been expressing their outrage on social media and calling for Bryant's cancellation. Many are voicing their disappointment in the housewife's decision to essentially use her platform to spread, not denounce, antisemitism.

"Connecting Jews with wealth may seem like a compliment to some, but it's actually connected to an ugly and ignorant history of identifying Jews with money – and a positioning of Jews as greedy and amoral, and the scapegoat for financial instability – that began in the Middle Ages," Instagram user Sarah Galli explained on her page. "This is not kosher @gizellebryant and Robyn – please do better. "

"Officially done with gizzy, she's been on the outs for a while but this is it for me," someone commented on Galli's post. Another labeled Bryant's remarks "so offensive."

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This isn't the first time Bryant said something controversial on her podcast.
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Earlier this month on Reasonably Shady, Bryant came under fire for using a gay slur while recounting Fox Nation's five-part docuseries Jussie Smollet: Anatomy of a Hoax. "What he did was, in case you guys don't remember, was he staged a hate crime," Bryant said on the podcast, per HelloGiggles. "So they were supposed to put a noose around his neck, they were supposed to call him 'f—got' or something … gay empire boy or something."

Instantly, fans could hear Dixon let out a heavy sigh. Fumbling, Bryant attempted to course correct. "These were the words that Jussie gave the trainers to do," she said in full defense mode, adding the Osundairo brothers "were supposed to scream" the gay slurs at Smollet.

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Bryant has also gotten heat for her "no Spanish rule."
Arturo Holmes / Getty Images

According to Page Six, Bryant offended fans when she requested her Real Housewives of Ultimate Girls Trip costars Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton to refrain from speaking their native language while in her presence. The Real Housewives of Miami stars were having a conversation in Spanish when Bryant interjected with her "no Spanish" rule.

It happened again elsewhere in the episode. Nepola and Patton explained they primarily speak "Spanglish" in Miami and weren't intentionally trying to leave anyone out, despite Bryant's claims.