Don't Wear This Shade of Eyeshadow If You're Over 50, Experts Warn


As we age, our taste in makeup evolves. For example, we may exchange our neon lipsticks for more subdued hues and trade out our powder foundations for more hydrating liquid ones. But the area of your face you'll really want to focus on is your eyes, as they're one of the first spots to show aging. And the truth is, there are some shades you should be ditching from your palette (in favor of some others, of course). To ensure you're tackling that area correctly throughout your golden years, we're here to help. Read on to learn the eyeshadow color professional makeup artists say to avoid after 50.

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After 50, avoid frosted eyeshadow colors.

A frosted eyeshadow look can make a serious statement. However, it can also settle into fine lines in a way you want to avoid. "Fully-frosted applications tend to illuminate flaws around the eye area," says professional makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder. "These include magnifying any loose skin on the eyelids and making the eyes appear dark, depending on the colors used."

Fortunately, there are ways to use frosted hues strategically. Winkenwerder recommends mixing matte or flat eyeshadows with frosted ones. Or, use a frosted shadow under the natural brow line and on the lid at the lash line. Blending the color with a matte hue will create a wide-awake look that freshens up your face.

You might also want to skip glitter.

Similar to frosted eyeshadows, glitter options can settle into fine lines and wrinkles. "Some people enjoy wearing glitter all the time, and it is what it is," says Winkenwerder. "For anyone who does not wear it all the time and wants to fuse it into a personal statement, do it on special occasions and be careful when applying and wearing it."

Instead of doing a full sweep of sparkle, Winkenweder recommends using glitter in new ways. For example, you could wear a thin line below the natural brow line or press large glitter specks onto the eyelid over a cream eyeshadow. You'll just need to strategize.

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Choose mattes and neutrals instead.

Creating a gorgeous everyday look is as simple as knowing which shades to use. "My recommendation is to use nude and matte eyeshadows," says Laura Roncagli, a professional makeup artist and co-founder of "I recommend using very light or bright colors in the inner part of the eyelid and darker tones in the outer part." The technique can make eyes appear more prominent and give them a lifted effect if you blend the darker hue upward.

Ace your application technique.

The eyeshadow colors you use are only as good as the way you apply them. Winkenwerder suggests using soft bristle brushes to apply and blend, as the sponge applicators that come with some products can stretch the skin around the eye area. Using your finger can also add unnecessary pressure, which you definitely don't want.

As you get the hang of things, remember that practice makes perfect. "Moving into any type of eye makeup statement requires practice in order to fully understand and execute the desired look," says Winkenwerder. "Practice until you like the reflection you see. It should be a second nature type of movement." We have faith that you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

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