Couple Cancels Wedding, Keeps $30K as "Donation" for Honeymoon Instead


If your friends and family members gifted you with money prior to your wedding, and you decided to cancel the soiree and reschedule it for some not-yet-determined time in the future, it doesn't take an etiquette expert to know that the polite move would be to do anything but use it for a vacation instead. But that's exactly the avenue one bride chose to pursue. Reddit user @joyeuxanniversaire1 recently shared a screenshot of a Facebook post from a bride named Pam to all of the guests for her upcoming winter wedding. She wrote that after "much reflection and tear-filled conversations" with family members, she and her fiancé, Edward, had decided to cancel their big day.

While upsetting, of course, that's not unprecedented. A 2018 survey conducted by specialist diamond buyers WP Diamonds found that up to 20 percent of all weddings are called off. But then, Pam goes on to "thank" the guests for their "generous early donations" to their "money fund," before revealing that the donated money would "not be spent in vain but rather used toward a honeymoon in the coming months."


"Can you believe we have raised over $30,000?" she wrote, as if this were a kickstarter campaign for a good cause. "Unbelievable!"

What's even more unbelievable is that the bride went on to ask for even more money. "After we regain financial stability and hold calm in our hearts after a honeymoon, we will announce a new wedding date and re-open our money fund for any further gifts," she wrote. "Weddings are expensive!"


Yes, weddings are expensive. But that's not a good reason to take money from your loved ones for a romantic vacation instead of a marriage ceremony.

Pam went on to say she and Edward were "blessed" to have such "generous family members" who gave them money that it turns out would be used to "help offset honeymoon costs and to scale to an even better future wedding." As an added bonus, she said she'd be updating her gift fund registry on Amazon, so that people have an opportunity to give them even more things to take with them on their honeymoon.

"Don't be too sad," she wrote in conclusion. "The new wedding is going to be a hit."


After the post went viral, many Reddit users commented to say this has got to be one of the craziest things a bride or groom has ever done.

"My favorite part is where she says the 30K will be used to offset the honeymoon costs," one Reddit user wrote. "Where are they going, the moon?"

If you're interested in knowing how the guests reacted to this shocking twist of events, you're in luck! An anonymous user posted a screenshot of some of the reactions to the Facebook post on Imgur, and they're as intense as you'd expect.

"Is this a joke?" an alleged family member of the groom wrote. "After raking in $30k you decide to be greedy and use it all for yourselves?"

"Pam, what did I tell you about day drinking?" an alleged friend of the bride wrote. "In all seriousness, is the wedding really canceled? I've already gotten the time off for December 1st, which is less than a month away."


In response, the bride told everyone to "please calm down" because she felt "very attacked and hanged up on."

"You chose to donate to me," she wrote. "If I want to use the money, who cares how? I told you the wedding is getting rescheduled, not canceled."


Brides have been making headlines recently for their increasingly outlandish behavior, like the bride who asked her maid of honor to lose weight for her wedding, and the bride who demanded her guests wear attire based on their weight, just to name a few. So, just be grateful if the worst that you've ever seen at a wedding is an ugly bridesmaid dress.

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