7 New Shows to Watch on Netflix This Weekend


The summer may be nearing its close, but that's all the more reason to treasure your weekends. And what better way to do that than to devour a new series or rewatch one you love? We've reviewed all the TV shows that Netflix has added in the past two weeks, whether they're new to the world or just new to the service, and came up with a list of binge-worthy watches for you. They include a French mystery miniseries that will have you clinging to your seat, a baking competition show that will have you salivating, and a couple of award-winning classics. Read on to decide what to watch this weekend!

Gone for Good
Magali Bragard/Netflix

Another adaptation of a Harlan Coben mystery thriller has just hit Netflix. The French-language miniseries Gone for Good follows a man whose life has already been marked by tragedy after the woman he loves disappears, seemingly without a trace. But his search for her soon leads to new discoveries about his past.

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Brand New Cherry Flavor
Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix

Rosa Salazar stars in Brand New Cherry Flavor as an aspiring filmmaker who seeks revenge in '90s Los Angeles after being taken advantage of by a supposed mentor. Catherine Keener and The Good Place's Manny Jacinto are also among the cast of this limited horror series.

Bake Squad
Kit Karzen/Netflix

The opposite of Nailed It and its hilariously inept competitors, Bake Squad is a new competition series that features elite bakers showing off their stuff. Each pastry expert creates a show-stopping piece for the same client's event, but only one can be chosen. Milk Bar's Christina Tosi, who you may also know as a judge on MasterChef Junior, serves as the show's host.

Hit & Run

Hit & Run is an Israeli-American production from the creators of the existing Netflix series Fauda, and it also stars that show's lead, Lior Raz. In this espionage thriller, Raz plays a man looking into the hit and run death of his wife, leading him to get pulled into an international web of betrayal and espionage in the process. The creative team told The Hollywood Reporter that they're hoping for Hit & Run to become another global hit, hence the cliffhanger you'll see in the season finale.

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Cooking With Paris
Kit Karzen/Netflix

You're probably thinking, "I didn't know Paris Hilton could cook." Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. She can't, which is basically the premise for the socialite-turned-actor-and-entrepreneur's new lifestyle show. Hilton invites a few celebrity friends, Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian among them, into the kitchen with her to make some questionable-looking recipes, including this glitter-covered cannoli.

Friday Night Lights
NBCUniversal Television Distribution

All five seasons of the celebrated small-town drama Friday Night Lights are back on Netflix. And whether you're a sports fan or not, you'll find yourself rooting for the Dillon Panthers, a Texas high school team coached by Kyle Chandler's Eric Taylor. The series is critically acclaimed for exploring inherently American triumphs and challenges through the lens of football and the way towns like these revolve around it.

30 Rock
NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Also back on Netflix is the Tina Fey-led backstage comedy 30 Rock, which ran from 2006 to 2013. Using her Saturday Night Live experience as a springboard, Fey also created this series about the head writer of an NBC late-night sketch show, its needy, absurd stars, and the arrogant one-percenter in charge of the network. The cameos and pop culture references come fast and furious, so you may need to go through this one twice.

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