5 Ways You Can Get Kicked Out of a Casino—and How to Avoid Them


People who like to spend time in casinos typically enjoy them for their high energy, fun atmosphere, and their sometimes luxurious surroundings and offerings. But while a hot run on a table can make it feel like anything is possible, there are still rules that must be followed just like anywhere else. And in some cases, you can even find yourself getting the boot if you're not careful enough. Read on to see some of the things that can get you kicked out of a casino, and what experts say you can do to avoid them.

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Having a device in your hand at the table
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Sometimes, it can feel like it's impossible to put your phone down no matter what you're doing. But experts warn that anyone posting to social media or snapping photos while placing bets could find themselves getting escorted out of a casino.

"One of the easiest ways to get kicked out is using your phone at the table while playing a game," Jenna Nye, the CEO and co-founder of On the Strip, tells Best Life. "It's advised to keep your phone in your pocket at all times, and even ideally to put it on airplane mode as it can be a sign of cheating. Not only can you be accused of communicating with another player, but you could also use it to take pictures, memorize cards or sequences, or research possible ways to win."

Nye adds that if you feel like all those buzzing notifications will be too tempting or distracting, the best bet you can make is to put your device on silent or airplane mode.

Counting cards

Anyone with experience playing cards in casinos knows that the saying "the house always wins" can feel more true some days than others. However, you shouldn't try to get any leg up on your odds unless you want to run the risk of getting thrown out.

"By now, you've probably seen card-counting on display in films like Rain Man and 21. But, for the uninitiated, it's a number system that helps blackjack players accurately predict the next card, allowing for a 1.5 percent player advantage against the house, compared to a 2 percent disadvantage for regular players," Jesse Champagne, a professional poker player and content manager for Tight Poker, says.

"It's not that complicated of a system, either. And because it's all done in your head, it can be tricky for casinos to spot. The thing is that while card-counting isn't technically illegal, casinos aren't typically in the business of losing, and if you're caught, you will kindly be asked to leave," he warns. "Do it enough times—or win enough money—and you'll be banned."

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Causing a scene
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Whether you're eating in a restaurant, shopping in a store, or grabbing a drink in a bar, making a scene is never acceptable. But the high-pressure dealings of a casino floor make it all the more likely that any kind of erratic or unhinged behavior can land you in some serious trouble.

"Always be on your best behavior to avoid being kicked out of a casino," Leo Coleman, editor-in-chief at Gambling' N Go, tells Best Life. "Don't gamble excessively. Don't engage in suspicious or illegal activity, including drugs. Don't make a scene. And don't drink too much alcohol."

Being abusive to the dealer
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It can be easy to let your emotions get the best of you when there's cash at stake. But experts say taking your anger out on a casino employee is likely one of the fastest ways to ensure you'll be seen out the front door.

"Losing money is never fun, especially when luck or variance is involved. Still, if you lose your cool and unleash on the dealer, you will attract the pit bosses' attention," Champagne tells Best Life. "Casino dealers have thick skin and have likely seen and heard it all, so there's a bit of leeway when it comes to dropping curses after a bad beat. Still, no one likes a sore loser, so do yourself and the rest of the table a courtesy and be zen."

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Getting on too much of a hot streak

No one goes into a casino in the hopes of losing any money, but there's always the off chance that you'll end up hitting an incredibly lucky streak and start raking in the winnings. But while it can be a very special kind of exhilaration to watch your chip stacks grow, it can also make it more likely that house management will cut you off.

"As I mentioned earlier, casinos aren't in the losing money business and will refuse your action if you consistently crush their games. No, seriously," Champagne says. "And yet, they don't stop you from losing too much! Doesn't seem fair, does it?"

While this might seem like the best possible problem to have while gambling, Coleman suggests taking the watchful eye of employees off you by changing up which games you're playing. This can involve moving between different table games or slots between stints at playing cards.