5 Tips for Wearing Jeans If You're Over 60, According to Style Experts


Nothing is more classic than denim, and once you have jeans you love, they'll be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Finding that perfect pair isn't always easy, though. This is true at any age, but with so many brands marketing toward a younger crowd these days, it can be even harder for older women. That's why we consulted fashion stylists to get the skinny (no pun intended!) on wearing jeans over 60. Read on for advice on fit, color, and more.

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Pay attention to pockets.

The back pockets of a pair of jeans may be the last thing you pay attention to, but according to stylists, they can make a big difference.

"Back patch pockets help add volume, which is a good thing as we age," says Kosich. "Make sure they don't sit too low or are too big, though, otherwise the optical illusion effect will be a lower, wider bum." She also says that if you are fuller-figured around the hips, angled pockets will create a slimming effect.

In a YouTube video about wearing jeans over 60, Sixty and Me founder Margaret Manning says to also be cognizant of how side pockets lay. "If you've got a little bit of a butt, like me… they'll often flare out, and that will make your wide hips look even bigger."

Choose dark washes.
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Of course, the first rule of style is to wear what you feel comfortable in, and if that's a white or lighter-wash pair of jeans, great! But if you're looking for a slimming effect, you may want to opt for a dark wash or black denim.

"For jean color, the trick is knowing what you want to emphasize or de-emphasize, and dressing accordingly," explains Elizabeth Kosich, personal stylist at Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Remember dark colors are camouflaging, so if there's something you want to smooth, conceal or minimize, go for a dark denim wash."

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Go with a high waist.
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Let's face it: low-rise jeans are flattering on very few people. The opposite, however, is true for high-waist pants. "High-rise waists are more flattering as we age as they help elongate the legs and conceal muffin top at once," notes Kosich.

For pear-shaped women, Iryna Fedorchak, European-based fashion stylist and founder of Filoso Fashion, previously suggested to Best Life high-waisted flare jeans "to hide the tummy and create an hourglass body shape."

Invest in a staple pair of boot-cut jeans.

"The most universally flattering jean cut is the classic bootleg," says Kosich. "It works on all figures thanks to its trend-proof silhouette, full-length hemline, and overall elongating effect." Likewise, Fedorchak previously said that "a straight-cut or a boot-cut pair of jeans will stretch the silhouette without emphasizing problem areas."

These jeans will also make choosing footwear a breeze, as they're specifically designed to work with boots. In a prior conversation, Kosich suggested pairing bootleg jeans, ankle boots, and a cropped jacket "for a classic look." A lot of styles will also have a narrow enough leg opening to fit inside tall boots. 

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Be mindful when shopping.
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Sizes vary a great deal between brands, so experts say you shouldn't go into a shopping experience with a set number in mind. That said, finding the perfect pair of jeans is about more than just making sure they zipper up. Be sure to sit, squat, and bend over, so you know how practical and comfortable the pants will be in your everyday life.

It's also a good idea to try on prospective pairs with the top and shoes you'll be wearing them with most often. If you have a great pair of flats, they may not work with boot-cut jeans. Or if you have a longer top that can't be tucked in, it may look funny with high-waisted jeans.