5 Secrets Hobby Lobby Doesn't Want You to Know


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Whether you're a devoted knitter or a seasoned scrapbooker, you'll find everything you need for your next project at Hobby Lobby. The chain is one of the most popular craft stores in the U.S. and is also known for its selection of seasonal products and decor. But if you want to go from amateur shopper to retail expert, there are some under-the-radar facts about the store you'll want to be aware of. Keep reading to discover five secrets Hobby Lobby doesn't want you to know, from why the weekly sales are always changing to the reason shopping on a particular night is your best bet.

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There's a "secret" sale schedule for the whole year.
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Hobby Lobby used to offer 40-percent-off coupons that made shopping for craft items incredibly inexpensive. When the chain did away with the popular retail hack in early 2021, shoppers were disappointmented since that was how they were able to afford certain items.

However, the coupons were replaced with weekly sales that have a "secret" schedule. "Table decor is 50% off @hobbylobby this week.. .. and if you didn't already know, it goes on sale every other week," shared TikTok user @happyhomeclearance, who updates followers weekly on sales.

But if you want to plan ahead for shopping the sales, you don't have to rely on social media accounts. Coupon generator Groupon compiled a list of all the 2022 sales schedules at Hobby Lobby. Some of the tidbits they've uncovered include that crafts and jewelry-making supplies are reduced up to 50 percent every three weeks; fall decor is up to 80 percent off the last two weeks of November; and every single week, certain fabrics are on sale.

Holiday decor is much cheaper off-season.

Once Halloween or Christmas rolls around, it can be tempting to buy all of the seasonal decor you need. But you'll have much better luck if you start stocking up during the off-season. "The cheapest holiday items are marked down exactly one week before the actual holiday," TikTok user @mer__ber advises.

And the other thing to keep in mind about seasonal merchandise is that the discount keeps increasing. "Seasonal sales never end they only increase until supplies are gone. So it goes 50%, 60%, 66%, and so on till it's gone," explained former Hobby Lobby employee @iris_3791 on TikTok.

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Saturday night is the best time for deals.
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Want a wild Saturday night? Consider stopping by your local Hobby Lobby for the best deals. The store is closed on Sundays for religious reasons, so Saturday is the last day to shop before the changeover.

"Saturday evenings are sometimes when you can shop from the sales for the upcoming week just by being in the store when those prices are posted," according to a YouTube video by The Deal Guy. Plus, he calls this time a "double whammy," as shoppers can "lock in all the discounts from the week to which that day is attached and the possibility of shopping the deals from the next week."

Clearance items may be hidden.
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Sometimes sale items can be hidden from shoppers, so don't be afraid to ask for what you need.

For example, during a sale on markers, Redditors posted about where they found the art supplies in their stores and it varied greatly. "I had to ask at my Hobby Lobby, they were in the back room…Placement really seems to vary by store," one commenter wrote. Another found the same art supplies in a separate clearance section.

TikTok user @pagedanielle visited the store during a 75-percent-off sale and said, "I had enough sense to head over to the middle of the store. There was so much 75 percent off clearance stuff throughout the center of the store that I would have not known about…The more I walked, the more orange stickers I kept seeing. So many things available on clearance!"

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You can price match anything you buy.
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Hobby Lobby will price match any of its major competitors, including Michaels. On YouTube, The Deal Guy describes the "price match hack" and says it works "as long as you print the competitor's ad and bring it in with you." This does not work online, though, only in-store, and you can't use a major coupon along with a price match.