5 Secrets Albertsons Doesn't Want You to Know


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Customers who rely on Albertsons for their grocery shopping probably know a decent amount about the company—even if they don't realize it. The massive chain has more than 2,200 locations spread across 34 states that also include household names such as Safeway, Star Market, Shaw's, Pavilions, and Kings Food Markets, among others. But no matter how many times you've filled up your shopping cart at one of their stores, there's some expert intel that will likely come as news to you. Read on for the secrets Albertsons doesn't want you to know.

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Keep an eye out for manager markdowns.
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Everyone loves to fill their cart with staples without spending too much cash. But besides planned sales and promotions, experts say you can still get your hands on great items for less if you know where to look in the store.

"Albertsons may discount fresh foods nearing their expiration date, offering around 50 to 60 percent off on popular and pricey groceries like meat, chicken, fish, and dairy," says consumer savings and smart shopping expert Andrea Woroch. "Look for brightly colored labels!"

Downloading their app can help you save—if you use it correctly.
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Like most other major grocery stores, Albertsons has a handy app available for shoppers that can make it easy to spot savings before you even get to the store. But besides saving you money, being an active user can help potentially great deals find you.

"Save all the offers in your Albertsons for U account in the app that you're interested in as these can inform the tailored offers you receive," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with DealNews.com, tells Best Life. "Even if you don't take advantage of every single one, you're still showing an interest in a particular product, and future offers may reflect that."

And even if you're not big on coupons, you can still see an immediate benefit. According to Woroch, the store offers new users a coupon for $5 off purchases of $25 or more when they first download and use the app.

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You can use loyalty points for free groceries or discounted gas.

Loyalty programs are nothing new to the retail world, but they can still be a worthwhile shopping tactic. Experts say that's especially true for Albertsons, where you can turn necessary purchases into big savings elsewhere.

"Albertsons for U loyalty program enables you to earn one point per dollar spent on groceries, but you can earn two points per dollar spent on qualifying gift cards," says Ramhold. "Then you can redeem those rewards for free grocery items or get discounts on gas and groceries."

You can get a birthday freebie and a free item every month.
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Many stores will go to great lengths to entice shoppers to sign up for their in-house loyalty programs. But while many provide a single deal for new members, Albertsons' program will keep paying out over time.

"Joining the loyalty program entitles you to a ton of great perks, including a birthday freebie but also a free item every month," Ramhold says. "In both cases, you'll want to sign up for the program ASAP and be sure to use it regularly so these offers are added to your account in a timely manner."

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You can still pay less for sold-out items.

While some grocery store shelves go empty because of supply chain issues, others get wiped clean thanks to fantastic deals and markdowns. But many Albertsons customers don't realize that they don't have to miss out on any potential savings just because there's a big run on a particular item.

"Albertsons offers rainchecks for out-of-stock groceries on sale," says Woroch. "This means you will have up to 90 days to return when the grocery item is in stock and get it for the previously lower price."