20 Purrfect Accessories for Cat Lovers


Cats are among the most popular pets in America, and it's not hard to see why: they're cute, they're quiet, and you never have to brave the elements in the middle of the night to let them use the bathroom. Yes, as countless feline aficionados know, cats make pretty spectacular pets—and given how great they are, it's little surprise that many owners are eager to incorporate them into their everyday aesthetic. With that in mind, we've rounded up the best accessories for cat lovers.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This cute cat iPhone case

$36; buy now at society6

If the only thing that rivals your sweet tooth is your affection for cats, then this adorable iPhone case is your perfect electronics accessory. And since this case is sold through society6, an independent artist will earn a portion of whatever you pay.

This pink cat mug

$15; buy now at Bloomingdale's

The first thing that wakes you up in the morning? Your cat meowing for food. The second thing? A strong cup of coffee. And for anyone who wants to show their appreciation for both in one fell swoop, there's this sweet little cat mug, a purrfect pick-me-up on those days you'd rather just head back to bed.

This Pusheen spiral notebook

$11; buy now at Target

Pusheen, a cartoon cat first introduced on the website Everyday Cute, is on everything from backpacks to clothing these days. And for those who want a subtler nod to the fandom, there's this cute notebook, perfect for jotting down grocery lists (or the names of all the shelter cats you want to adopt).

This sequin cat accent pillow

$24; buy now at Nordstrom

Whether you put it in a kid's bedroom, on your living room sofa, or on a chair in your office, this sparkly cat pillow is the ideal eye-catching accent piece.

This cat trash can
Urban Outfitters

$39; buy now at Urban Outfitters

As they say, one man's trash (can) is another man's treasure. This adorable cat waste bin will brighten up any bathroom or bedroom in mere seconds.

These cat pajamas

$48; buy now at Shopbop

The only thing cuter than a furry little kitten curled up at the end of your bed? You, sleeping soundly in these cat print PJs. They truly are the cat's pajamas!

This cat cutting board

$26; buy now at Etsy

If your cat constantly lurks in your kitchen hoping you'll hand them a treat, this cat cutting board is a perfect way to commemorate that special relationship. Our compliments to the mew chef!

This "cat in the garden" comforter and sham

From $120; buy now at Nordstrom

Want to sleep as serenely as your feline friend does at night? That should be no problem should you invest in this duvet and sham set, adorned with a sweet cat and floral motif.

This cat tie

$25; buy now at Etsy

Spicing up your workplace attire is hard when you have to wear a suit and tie every day. The good news? This cute cat tie is definitely office-appropriate and definitely cooler than that sea of stripes everyone else is in.

This cat charm bangle
Alex and Ani

$38; buy now at Alex and Ani

Do you want to wear your love of cats on your sleeve—or, more specifically, on your wrist? If so, this sweet gold-toned bangle, which comes with a little cat face-shaped charm reading "Meow," is the perfect accessory.

These cat flats

$550$248; buy now at Zappos

Fancy footwear doesn't have to be boring. Case in point: these Charlotte Olympia flats, which show off the wearer's passion for cat-shion with every step.

These cat slippers

From $16; buy now at Amazon

For anyone who can't stand the feel of a frigid floor on their feet after they get out of bed in the morning, these cat slippers are sure to keep those tootsies warm—and, more importantly, looking cute.

This Illumicati sweatshirt

$33; buy now at Etsy

Is there a vast global conspiracy keeping the elite in power? Are cats running the show? We may never know the answers to these pressing questions, but at least we can defer to our future overlords in style with this Illumicati sweatshirt.

This space cats dress

$69; buy now at Modcloth

We've all heard the story of Laika, the pup who became the first animal to orbit the Earth, so why aren't we hearing more about all the intrepid catstonauts? To honor the memory of Félicette and the countless other space cats who've gone unsung, you can wear this sweet space cat dress, a fitting monument to our feline heroes.

This cat frame

$75; buy now at Bloomingdale's

What you have: a cute photo of yourself or your friends. What you wish you had: that photo, but with cat ears. What you need to buy: This frame, to make it happen.

This cat beanie

$14; buy now at Etsy

While your feline companion can't go everywhere with you and keep you warm this winter, you can definitely fend off the chill with this cute black beanie featuring a little embroidered cat peeking above the fold.

This cat Himalayan salt lamp
Urban Outfitters

$59$49; buy now at Urban Outfitters

What some salt lamp enthusiasts claim salt lamps can do: remove airborne pollutants, decrease symptoms of respiratory problems, increase energy, and improve mood. What we know this cat-shaped one can do: make any room unbelievably cute the second you plug it in.

This girls' cat pocket dress

$37; buy now at Nordstrom

The smallest feline fanatics in your life should be able to express their love for all things cat-related, too. With that in mind, there's this adorable cat pocket dress, purrfect for school, a party, or a trip to the playground.

This cat laptop sleeve

$41; buy now at Etsy

When the usual guardian of your computer (read: your cat) isn't available, there's another cute way to protect your precious electronics: this amazing laptop case, adorned with multiple black-and-white cats.

This cat shirt

$55$33; buy now at Macy's

Ugly sweaters? Hard pass. Angry cats? Now that's a fashion trend we can get behind.

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