17 Sleep Products People Swear By


In an ideal world, everyone would be able to rest their head on a pillow and drift off into dreamland. But the unfortunately reality is that many people struggle to sleep soundly, often to the point where it affects their everyday life. Most noticeably, a night spent tossing and turning will deplete your energy reserves, but believe it or not, it can also lead to more serious issues, like inadvertent weight gain and a compromised immune system.

Because sleep is so vital to your wellbeing, it's important that you take it seriously and invest both your time and energy into getting the best rest possible. To that end, we've compiled a patented compendium of the best products for better sleep ever. So read on, and for more sleep tips, don't miss the 20 Doctor-Approved Ways to Get a Full Night's Sleep.

Sleeping Lotion

Sleepy Lotion, by LUSH
$10; buy now at lushusa.com

Hydrating cocoa butter and almond oil combine with soothing lavender—a fragrance known to induce sleep—to create the ultimate bedtime moisturizer. This sleeping lotion is so popular that Lush struggles to keep it stocked both in stores and online. So pick it up while you have a chance. And for more ways to get a better eight hours, learn the 11 Doctor-Approved Secrets for Falling Asleep Faster—Tonight.

Blackout Drapes

Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Set, by AmazonBasics
$35; buy now at amazon.com

In high-density New York and Chicago, all-night bright lights make it harder to hit the hay. But with blackout drapes, you can block out any outside lights that threaten to interrupt your sleep, plus reduce outside noise and regulate the temperature in your room. And you'll want to hang these drapes up, as all that excess light might be the reason you're holding on to extra weight.

Calming Nightly Tea

Nightly Calm Green Tea, by Twinings
$4; buy now at iherb.com

Green tea is a potent (and delicious) sleep supplement—one study published in Nutrients found that green tea with low caffeine levels "can reduce stress… and improve quality of sleep." And the chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass in this decaffeinated bedtime brew make it all the more subduing. As one reviewer raved: "[This tea] has a great taste and is effectively sleep-inducing." And bonus: drinking green tea is one of the 40 Ways to Have More Energy After 40.

An Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser, by InnoGear
$16; buy now at amazon.com

As the National Sleep Foundation points out, the scent of lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, thereby relaxing the body for a deeper sleep. One of the easiest (and most stylish) ways to incorporate lavender into your bedtime routine is with an essential oils diffuser. And if you get sick of the scent, worry not: you can always switch it up with other calming scents, like marjoram ($14) or chamomile ($13).

A White Noise Sound Machine

White Noise Sound Machine, by Marpac
$50; buy now at amazon.com

Silence is a dangerous thing, as it allows the mind to wander and overthink itself into a frenzy. But the nondescript sounds of a noise machine are the perfect way to distract your mind from your own thoughts straight into a blissful slumber. Plus, any noises that might wake you throughout the night will be drowned out by the sound of your handy sound-maker.

Chocolate Melatonin

Chocolate Melatonin Supplement, by Good Day Chocolate
$34; buy now at amazon.com

Chocolate before bed is generally discouraged, but you can make an exception when said chocolate contains sleep-regulating hormone melatonin. Sweets that help you sleep? Yes, please! And for edible ways to stay energized, try these 30 Best Foods for Maximizing Your Energy Levels.

A Temperature-Regulated Pillow Pad

$300; preorder now at getmoona.com

Do you enjoying sleeping on a cold pillow? That's likely because your body temperature naturally decreases throughout the night—and the more it does, the better sleep you get. Most pillows eventually heat up as you lay on them (which means you have to wake up and flip them over in the middle of the night), but this pillow is regulated to maintain the perfect temperature.

A Snoring Solution

Smart Nora
$299; buy now at smartnora.com

Snoring is a pain for the snorer and their significant other alike. Not only is it disruptive to the person you're sharing a bed with, but it can also affect your health and potentially keep you up as well. Enter the Smart Nora. It sits under your pillow while you sleep and when it detects that you're snoring, it inflates and deflates the pillow to gently move your head and resume normal breathing. And for ways to end snoring for good, don't miss The 5 Reasons You're Snoring Every Night—And How to Stop It.

A Less Aggressive Alarm Clock

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, by Philips
$98; buy now at amazon.com

Waking up to the harsh sound of a blaring alarm is one of the least appealing parts of a weekday morning. That's why so many people swear by the Philips Wake-Up Light, which mimics natural sunlight to slowly awaken you from slumber. After 30 minutes of gradual light (like a sunrise), one of five calming sounds will start to play, stirring you from slumber in the most relaxing way possible. "It doesn't even feel right to call them alarms, because it's not obnoxious or loud," one Amazon reviewer raved about the Wake-Up Light. "You wake up gradually. This thing is perfect."

A Light-Blocking Sleep Mask

Silk Sleep Mask, by Alaska Bear
$10; buy now at amazon.com

One of the easiest ways to get a good night's sleep is by ensuring that your bedroom is dark and devoid of light. One study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that sleeping in a room exposed to light suppressed melatonin production by more than 50 percent. And if you don't want to change the decor of your bedroom with blackout shades, you can always invest in a good eye mask, like this breathable and affordable one made of smooth silk.

A Tiring Pillow Spray

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, by Bluemercury
$29; buy now at bluemercury.com

Infused with lavender, vetiver, and chamomile, this natural sleep aid is touted by many as a savior on sleepless nights. One reviewer described the spray's scent descriptively as a "soft lavender that cradles you in bed." And with this spray, you'll never again go to bed angry, as smelling lavender is one of the 20 Best Ways to Calm Your Anger Instantly.

An Allergy-Fighting Air Purifier

Air Purifier, by LEVOIT
$90; buy now at amazon.com

A bit of pollen or dust in the air is enough to keep you tossing and turning all night. That's why you need an air purifier in your room to filter harmful particles out of the air and prevent the congestion and sneezing that could disrupt your sleep. And this purifier in particular comes with a soft nightlight, so you can clean the air and read before bed.

A Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket, by YnM
$70; buy now at amazon.com

There's nothing more relaxing than being held at night and just knowing that someone else is there beside you. But it's not always realistic to go to sleep in a co-cuddling position, which is where the weighted blanket comes in. It stimulates the feeling of a warm embrace, thereby releasing serotonin and melatonin for a stress-free night of sleepless slumber.

A Feather-Free Pillow

Pillow, by Casper
$75; buy now at casper.com

Like the Princess and the Pea, all it takes is one feather protruding from your pillow to keep you up through the night. But with Casper's unique pillow design, you'll never have to worry about rogue feathers again, as their cloudy cushions are stuffed with fibers as thin as a strand of hair.

Or a Wedge Pillow (For Your Back)

Supreme Bed Wedge Pillow, by Bed Bath & Beyond
$40; buy now at bedbathandbeyond.com

Shaped like a wedge of cheese (thus giving it its name), this pillow is perfect for people whose back problems keep them up at night. It's designed to support your torso, spine, and muscles, so that your back might eventually return to its original shape. And if neither of these pillows suit your fancy, check out the 10 Best Pillows For A Better Night's Sleep.

A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper, by Dreamfoam Bedding
$68; buy now at amazon.com

According to the Sleep Help Institute, you should replace your mattress every seven to 10 years to ensure the best sleep possible. Mattresses are expensive, though, and so if you can't afford to head to the store and pick up a new bed, your next best option is a mattress topper. This memory foam topper in particular has been called a "flipping miracle," and users rave that they feel "gentled cradled" when they sleep on it.

Valerian Root Capsules

Valerian Root Capsules, by Nature's Answer
$8; buy now at iherb.com

Instead of using medicine to fall asleep, try a natural supplement, like these valerian root capsules. According to the American Family Physician, the root is commonly used to treat insomnia, particularly by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. And for more ways to get your eight hours, don't miss these 40 Tips for Better Sleep on Summer Nights.

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