11 Backhanded Compliments You Should Never Say


Not every compliment is a kind one. Even people with the best intentions can deliver what they think is a pat on the back, but wind up offending someone in the process. And that is especially common when those comments happen to be about someone else's looks. To avoid accidentally insulting a family member, friend, colleague, or stranger, pay attention to the backhanded compliments listed below. You may be guilty of using them more often than you should.

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What Exactly Is a Backhanded Compliment?
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Before we get into our list, let's be clear about what we're talking about. As defined by Merriam-Webster, a backhanded compliment refers to a "compliment that implies it is not really a compliment at all."

Sometimes, these comments can seem pretty benign. Maybe the person handing them out believes their intentions are good—and maybe they really are! Even still, their remarks can communicate a certain opinion or bias that the person they're talking to probably won't appreciate.

Other times, these backhanded compliments can appear downright aggressive and void of any actual appraisal. In these instances, it's important to think about what you wanted to say, and how you could have delivered the message without the sting.

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11 Backhanded Compliments We Should All Stop Using

If you're guilty of using any of the lines below, it's time to rethink how you speak to folks around you. Check out our list to learn about the most common offenses and things you can say instead.

1. "You look great. Have you lost weight?"
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Just because Instagram makes it seem like losing weight is the best thing a person can do doesn't mean you should perpetuate that. Asking if someone's lost weight reinforces that pressure, and can make them feel like you think they look better thinner. Remember, getting skinny isn't an amazing goal—it's getting healthy that's important.

What you should say instead: "You look great! What's new with you?"

If the person you're talking to is eager to share their diet and exercise habits, they will. And if not, this gives them the chance to talk about themselves generally instead.

2. "You look amazing for your age."
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This may seem like a great compliment, but the "for your age" tacked on makes it sound conditional and therefore, far less genuine.

What you should say instead: "You look fantastic!"

If someone looks great—and it's appropriate to say so, of course—tell them that without making it an age-specific compliment.

3. "Your skin looks so much better!"
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If you've noticed your coworker's acne, hyperpigmentation, or other skin issue, you can bet they did, too—so steer clear of this backhanded compliment.

What you should say instead: "You're glowing!"

You may not realize it right away, but using words like "better" implies that there was a "worse" at some point. And sometimes, it's just not important to be that honest.

4. "I can't believe you just had a kid. You look amazing!"

The idea that moms are perpetually trying to shed the baby weight, are uniformly covered in spit-up, and are more likely to have a teether in their purse than a hairbrush, is more than a little insulting. Parenting doesn't necessarily mean developing low expectations for your own appearance.

What you should say instead: "You look amazing!"

Just leave the kids out of it!

5. "You've got a great smile—use it!"
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Telling someone to smile is kind of like telling someone to laugh—it's not really how happiness works. Asking people to look happy isn't going to make them happier. Sometimes, people are having bad days and their faces reflect that. It's not your place to correct how they're feeling.

What you should say instead: "Is everything OK?"

If someone looks upset, try asking them about it instead of simply telling them not to be sad.

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6. "Real women have curves."

While you might think this comment would make your curvy friend or family member feel better about their body, it sends the message that thinner women are somehow less womanly. And there's no reason to tear someone down while delivering praise to someone else.

What you should say instead: "That looks great on you!"

Instead of making someone feel like you're focusing on their body and its particular attributes (potentially making them or others uncomfortable in the process), give them a more general compliment that doesn't put down someone else's body along the way.

7. "You've got such an exotic look."

"Exotic" is a term best used for pet fish or fowl, not people. When it comes to humans, the word can often seem like an offensive call-out of someone's looks or heritage, indicating that you think the way they look is somehow non-standard.

What you should say instead: "I love your look."

This provides the recipient of your compliment an opening to discuss their background, if they see fit. Or they may just tell you about the outfit they're wearing, if that's how they interpret what you're saying instead.

8. "You have such strong features!"
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Again, the implication here is that you're not really giving someone a compliment, but rather pointing out what's "unusual" about their looks. Similarly, calling someone an "unconventional beauty" doesn't have the same positive ring to it that simply calling someone "a beauty" does.

What you should say instead: "I love your [insert feature]!"

If someone has a particularly striking feature, tell them you admire it rather than just using a blanket descriptor—especially one that might be perceived as negative.

9. "Your hair is beautiful. Is it real?"
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Hair can be a hot-button topic, especially for Black women and other people of color, who are frequently on the receiving end of two contradictory, often discriminatory messages: that their hair in its natural state isn't beautiful, and that their chosen alternative (like scarves or braids) isn't either.

What you should say instead: "I love your hair."

If you think someone's hair looks awesome, you can tell them that without asking them to discuss the intricacies of it.

10. "You look great—fit, but not too muscular."
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Just because someone doesn't have a six-pack or bulging biceps doesn't mean they're not doing dozens of crunches or curls a day. For all you know, they could be trying to build muscle but struggling.

What you should say instead: "What do you like to do at the gym?"

If the person you're talking with has an exercise plan they love, this gives them an opportunity to tell you all about it. At the end of the day, it's about doing what you can to make them feel good.

11. "You're so brave to wear that."
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What you're saying: "brave." What people are hearing: "That doesn't look good on you."

What you should say instead: "I love that outfit!"

If you're trying to compliment your friends, don't make it seem like wearing a certain article of clothing or makeup style is somehow going against the social norms of daily life.

Wrapping Up

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